Programmatic Audio: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Programmatic Audio: The Gift that Keeps on Giving The holiday season is full of sound. Whether it’s prepping your annual dinner party playlist, listening to your favorite holiday songs during your commute, or slimming down for that New Year’s dress with your workout jams—music is in the air! Now is your chance to help consumers hear your message by targeting the hundreds of millions of subscribers who listen to streaming playlists with programmatic audio. Keep reading to learn more about how programmatic audio is the gift that keeps on giving to your marketing mix. Become Part of Their Traditions With programmatic audio, you can be a part of their holiday traditions this season. Accompany them in the car ride to the holiday light display. Or provide the soundtrack to waiting for pictures with Santa at the mall. The opportunities are endless because music is one of the most emotional forms of individual expression and has the potential to enrich any moment or memory. This means you can tailor the perfect message for any moment in a user’s holiday routine and ensure it sticks. Since consumers select their music playlists based on their mood, environment, or activities, marketers have a unique opportunity to connect with their target consumer in an extremely relevant way. Through the efficiency of programmatic, marketers can tap into the sea of first-party data, make powerful inferences about consumer habits, and match targeted 15- or 30-second ads to specific types of playlists, all within their existing media campaigns. Here’s how playlist targeting works: Advertisers can select from a collection of music mixes, such as holiday party, romance, cookie baking, or New Year’s workout, to target specific listeners who are in the right state of mind to hear about their products. Want to learn more? Check out why advertisers are tuning into audio again here. Be Where It Matters The promise of programmatic audio is that you can be where it matters to your consumers, wherever that is. Because streaming music has a supreme fluidity across devices and activities, marketers can follow their consumers through their daily journey. Let’s pressure test this in the real world: A digital audio listener puts on his or her favorite playlist while getting ready to go over to a friend’s holiday party, continues listening on the drive over, and enjoys the party’s streaming playlist with everyone’s favorite holiday songs upon arrival. This kind of fluidity and accompaniment is unmatched compared to other channels. According to a recent Spotify study, music listeners have selected playlists for listening everywhere from at home (85%), to in the car (63%), to at work/school (33%), to while shopping 15%, and beyond: Spotify infographic: where music listeners stream the most More Than Loyal Listeners Consumer attention is at an all-time premium during the busy holiday season. Programmatic audio can help you cut through the noise and connect more effectively with your target audiences. According to a Spotify Brand Impact Study, music streamers are more than just loyal listeners—they are loyal brand advocates, too. Because programmatic audio enables marketers to target consumers throughout their entire day and with content they find extremely relevant, streamers are twice as likely as non-streamers to advocate for and feel emotionally connected to brands. They are also 1.5 times more likely to have positive rational associations to ad brands. Spotify infographic: music listeners are brand advocates IAB’s Platform Status Report for Digital Audio goes one step further to show how adding digital audio to an ad campaign drives an array of positive consumer responses well beyond the click. For example, users who listened to one hour or more of online radio each week took action on a brand—visited an advertiser’s website, searched online for more info, purchased a product, followed a social site, etc.—more often than those who did not listen to any online radio. Your Ultimate Wingman This Holiday Season You know there are many elements that play a role in a user’s path to conversion. Now, you can track which ones are working and which aren’t across all channels, including audio. Because programmatic audio utilizes the same targeting tools from your video, mobile, and cross-device campaigns, reporting and attribution are more robust and streamlined. This is holiday music to marketers’ ears (pun intended). According to a recent study from Ad Age and The Trade Desk, the addition of programmatic audio to a traditional banner campaign can generate four times as many conversions. With full attribution capabilities, programmatic audio breaks the code on conversions to measure sales lift and provides advertisers with actionable insights they can apply throughout their entire marketing strategy. Think of programmatic audio as the ultimate wingman to your advertising campaign this holiday season. Get the nod to be the hot date for everyone’s New Year’s Eve party this year. Connect with your audience in a meaningful way, follow them throughout their day, and share results and insights that will make your clients feel the holiday glow well after the ornaments and stockings have been put back into storage. Call us anytime to learn more. We’re listening.