Get the Best Career Advice From Women in Ad Tech

Remarkable. Extraordinary. Bold. Resilient. History is full of strong women who accomplished far beyond what they strived for simply because they knew who they were, what they could offer and had the confidence and courage to chase their dreams and make their mark. If you’re striving to make your own place in history, read on to get the best career advice from women in ad tech – our Goodway women share the wise words they wish they could have heard at the start of their careers, all in hopes it will help you move faster down the road to success:

Embrace Change
Team Lead, Field Media Solutions, Goodway Group

Have confidence. This industry is constantly evolving and pivoting, and it can feel overwhelming as new concepts and technologies roll out. Keep an open mind, be willing and give yourself space to learn and grow. You might surprise yourself with the direction your career will go!

Find Your Voice
SDR, Business Strategy & Development, Goodway Group

You’ve worked hard to earn a seat at the table. That means your voice, your way of thinking and your perspective are not only wanted but needed! You can take small action steps every day to practice using your voice so when opportunities arise, you’re more than prepared!

Embrace Your Power

Chief Transformation & People Officer, Goodway Group

Be authentic to you and others around you. Lift others up! There are enough forces trying to bring negativity to the world; be that extended hand for someone so they can thrive.

You ARE enough. Use this as your foundation to fuel where you want to go in life! There are enough barriers and roadblocks in front of you without you being one of them. Remember you have all the power. You have the power to choose your mindset, your reactions and your tribe.

Raise Your Hand
Research Analyst, Goodway Group

Speak up more. Standing up for yourself or creating opportunities for yourself isn’t aggressive. It’s important for women not to self-select themselves out of positions out of reluctancy to raise our hands because we don’t want to be annoying or seem too forward.

Aim High
Media Solutions Manager, ML Media Solutions, Goodway Group

Learn something new every day, by taking an online course, reaching out to a mentor, attending a webinar or asking to shadow a colleague. The marketing and advertising world changes every single day! Read as much as you can, listen to podcasts and lean on experts in the industry and within your company to help you continue to learn and grow.

Be Good To Yourself And Others
SVP, Client Experience

Don’t change who you are for anyone. You are strong and good enough, as you are, at this point in your life. Stop comparing yourself to others or to a version of yourself you’re not yet ready to take on. You can’t be great at everything … but you will be eventually.

Stop trying to be perfect and stop being hard on yourself. Live in the now and stop focusing on the future so much. New opportunities and promotions will come. Keep raising your hand, and be OK knowing you won’t get every single one you try for.

Stand up and be a voice. Trust me; we all want to hear what you have to say. In every conversation, go in being inquisitive, not judgmental. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you know all the answers; you don’t. Instead, take the opportunity to learn from others around you. Allow others to continue to surprise you with their knowledge.

Support others. When they fall or stumble, be the first to pick them back up no matter the situation. Being a good person will never go out of fashion.

Stay In The Moment
Account Director, Multi-location, Goodway Group

Be present and in the moment at all times. Sit at the table. ASK FOR A SEAT AT THE TABLE. Be in person, face to face, anytime you can. Use the phone over email when it makes sense. You are smarter than you think you are. Relationships are going to get you far. Don’t overlook one or burn bridges. The world is, indeed, very small.

Write Your Future
VP, Enterprise Partnerships, Goodway Group

Don’t assume your next role or opportunity already exists. You may have to craft, propose and create it. We often look to the roles around us at a company or within an industry to determine what our next move should be, but what if your next opportunity is yours to create? Then your options are endless. With this mentality, you can positively work yourself out of your current role and into one far better suited to you and your abilities.

The road to success is not straight, and your definition of success should not be fixed. You’re going to take a winding path to “success,” but the bets you make along the way will serve you well even if you can’t see that at the time. I have held many roles across many organizations, and within each role, my definition of success had to be fluid. My path was winding, and at times, I got lost. Some may look at the paths I’ve taken as side steps or steps backward, but in the end, it led to a career I love and one I’m uniquely suited for because of my winding experiences.

Make Connections
Media Assistant, CvE

Network with other women whether on the same level as you or experienced. When you don’t have any personal connections, it may feel unreachable, but community is an amazing thing. Reach out to those already in the field; they will have amazing stories to learn from. Share learnings and always be optimistic. Belief is always key too.

Get A Mentor
SDR, Business Strategy & Development, Goodway Group

Partnering with a mentor at any stage of your career is beneficial, but starting early on will yield tremendous benefits! You have the advantage of learning from someone who’s “been there, done that” and can offer valuable insights on what it takes to move your career forward. Plus, you’ll make a new friend!

Choose Your Own Adventure
VP, Field Media Solutions, Goodway Group

Stay curious about the past and learn from others’ experiences. Stay curious about what could be and go for it. Life isn’t static. It will change, and remaining curious is a super power as you mature. It will help you make more informed decisions as well as prevent you from getting stuck along the way.

Don’t be easily discouraged; the path isn’t always straight, and that’s a gift. Every detour or roadblock leads somewhere new. Treat those unplanned treks as adventures to be embraced. You’re going to learn a lot.

Make Your Mark
Research Manager, Goodway Group

Be a sponge. Read, listen, watch and take in as much content as you can to form your own opinions and make your mark rather than waiting on someone else to tell you what to do!

Find a mentor, someone you look up to and trust. Take the initiative to schedule regular time with them to get advice, pick their brain, and learn from them. Don’t expect someone to come in and walk you down the perfect path; you’re in control of your own destiny.

Don’t get caught up in the things you can’t control. There will always be obstacles to overcome and people you don’t jibe with. Do what you can with what you have and trust yourself to navigate through your own journey.

Realize there are times when it’s OK that work is not your #1 priority. As a woman, I know we can especially be really hard on ourselves when there is so much “life” happening that we can’t pour 100% of ourselves into work. Balance doesn’t just mean ending your workday and starting family time. It means understanding there are times in our lives when lateral moves or even “demotions” may make more sense for our current life stage and could actually be setting us up for more success further down the road when we can reprioritize our careers without feeling like we’re making huge compromises.

Dare To Be Different
Director, Business Strategy & Development, CvE

You know more than you think you do. Know your super power and what makes you different and own it. Get a coach. Be curious. Have a plan. Be brave.

Get What You Deserve
Account Manager, Client Services, Goodway Group

Ask for what you want and need. Your time and expertise are valuable. You should be well supported in your ventures, and sometimes that means asking for help, for the appropriate pay and for the right team to surround you.

Think Big
Marketing Manager, Business Strategy & Development, CvE

Have an open mindset. Have an ongoing interest in learning. Be curious. Be brave. Take risks. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask for what you want. Some may reply, others won’t, and that’s OK too. Don’t feel discouraged; it’s all part of the experience. But if you do, acknowledge it and be kind to yourself. Be your own best friend. Trust your gut and trust your path.

Be Magnificent
COO, Goodway Group

Don’t be afraid to be big. The world needs your full potential. Learn critical thinking skills. The ability to zoom in/zoom out and view things from various perspectives is so valuable. Don’t be afraid to question the status quo and take risks. Use your voice. Your contribution matters.

I always recommend reading autobiographies of interesting people. You can learn so much from other people’s experiences if you’re open and curious.

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