Build a Winning Mobile App Strategy

How often do you use your phone or tablet throughout the day for more than calls, texts or surfing the internet? Chances are, you’ve already used it to access at least one mobile app today — whether it was checking your coffee shop reward points while at the barista counter, finding directions to a client’s office on the go or playing the latest version of Candy Crush Saga from your couch. With over 2.75 billion* apps downloaded to tablets and mobile phones to date, it should come as no surprise that people spend an average of 4.7 hours per day** with them. Yet, even as apps become an integral part of our daily lives, marketers are challenged with finding the right mobile app strategy for identifying and acquiring new users in those “I want to know,” “where do I go” and “how do I buy” moments. In today’s flooded app market, how can marketers really drive app discovery, motivate users to download and maintain user engagement?

Don’t Roll the Dice on Your App

As app stores become increasingly crowded, it’s more important than ever for marketers to cut through the noise and win consumer attention. Go the distance to understand the full life cycle of your app users, from how they found you to installation to how often they log in. Building the right mobile app strategy to keep them coming back starts here. Getting Started & Set Up:

  • Does your app offer functions beyond those already on your website?
  • Is it useful for a wide range of users?

Rules of Play:

  • Are you leveraging a search or programmatic ad campaign?
  • Is your Software Development Kit (SDK) tracking integrated with your ad campaign?
  • Are you using a CPM pricing model?

How to Win:

  • Does your app simplify your users’ lives?
  • Have users continued to log into your app over and over again?

Goodway Group Expert Tips

  • Remember, the right digital advertising strategy may complement your offline specials, drive ecommerce and build brand loyalty more effectively than an app.
  • Measuring ad clicks that only deliver users to the app store doesn’t mean an install actually happened. We recommend using properly integrated SDKs to optimize toward actual app opens or an in-app action, like a confirmed login, purchase or other downstream event.
  • A re-engagement ad campaign can find those users who haven’t opened the app in 90 days, help remind them why your app makes their life easier and get them back to using it regularly with a unique incentive campaign, such as a discount toward a purchase, exclusive deal or bonus content.

Stuck in the Setup Phase?

It might be time to rethink your app’s value proposition. Rather than an app, consider using your website, email-nurturing campaigns, in-store experiences or social promotions to target specific users in limited locations.

Don’t forget to follow the rules, or you might lose a turn!

Advance to the corner of acumen and ingenuity — it’s time to take advantage of your audience insights to further expand your user base with a best-in-class mobile app strategy. Start by boosting your app’s visibility and targeting users with ads while they are doing other things on their smartphones. Be there when they are on the move and looking for you with targeted banner ads and search campaigns that drive app awareness and downloads. But be cautious of those trying to trade an ultralow cost-per-install (CPI) for higher app store rankings. CPI campaigns often bring in low-quality traffic with extra incentives, like free in-game rewards, but once the incentive is paid out, users quickly delete the app.

Are Others Landing on your Mobile Real Estate Over and Over Again?

Victory is yours! You’re well on your way to a successful mobile app strategy. Remember, it’s pretty common for users to abandon or delete an app over time. According to eMarketer, app retention drops to 6% after just 30 days.*** Ensure your app serves a specific purpose and provides value well past the initial download.

*eMarketer, US Mobile App Store Downloads, Android vs IOS, Q3 2015 & Q3 2016 **Informate Mobile Intelligence, The International Smartphone Mobility Report ***eMarketer, Average App Retention Rates Over the First 90 Days of Use Among Mobile App Users Worldwide, by OS, Nov 2015-March 2016