Why 98% of Our Employees Say We’re a Great Place to Work

Why 98% of Our Employees Say We're a Great Place to Work What makes a company a great place to work? Is it bringing your dog to the office, yoga classes at lunch, book clubs with coworkers and company trips to exciting destinations? Those things are all great — and are all things we offer at Goodway Group — but they aren’t what truly makes our company a great place to work. Our culture is. Last week, Goodway Group was certified as a great workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®. Great Place to Work produces the annual Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For®” list among others. A first-time recipient of this recognition, we’re thrilled to find out that 98% of our employees say our workplace is great. Winning a spot on this year’s Great Place to Work list required an in-depth assessment through the stringent Trust Index® survey. Over 200 of our employees (more than half our workforce population) participated in the vetting process, while our company contributed to an extensive questionnaire on our benefits, compensation policies, community impact, gender diversity and more. The employee assessment asked our staff to rate us on 58 statements about behaviors that indicate the company’s credibility, respect and fairness levels, as well as the individual’s level of pride and camaraderie in our workplace. In addition to answering these questions, participants were required to respond to 10 standard demographic categories, share their primary motivation for working here and given the opportunity to provide further feedback in two open-ended comment areas.

Glassdoor 2017 Highest Rated CEOS logo Dave WolkThe good news just keeps on coming for Goodway Group, as we found out about another accolade while writing this blog post. But this one hits much closer to our hearts and to the heart of the company — our president Dave Wolk was named one of the highest rated CEOs on Glassdoor this week. While it wouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who knows him, he received an impressive 97 percent approval rating from our employees, ranking him 14th on the U.S. Small & Medium Companies list. Before leader, boss or supervisor ever come up in conversation, most of us would characterize Dave as a friend. He’s the first one to congratulate you on a big milestone, reaching out with a personal message, not an email template — trust me, I hung my birthday message on the fridge when I realized it was personally written by him. And he’s always one of the last people left in the night swapping stories and jokes at our all-company parties every year. He’s real with everyone in a way that no other CEO or president is; and it’s this level of true honesty and kindness that you only expect from your good friends that sets the tone for the culture across our entire organization. So we couldn’t be prouder to see our friend and president be recognized publicly for his amazing leadership.

Great Place to Work Certified Jun 2017 - June 2018 logoGreat Place to Work recently published our full review online, and according to the results, a few highlights include: 99% of employees surveyed reported we care about each other here. 99% said management is honest and ethical in our business practices. 98% claim they are proud to tell others they work here. 98% believe management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.   Getting back to what got us here, our culture is more than a long list of benefits, perks and quirks. It’s something we’ve intentionally built over many years and that we’re continually working to uphold as our business evolves. Growing our headcount by 2,026% in ten years doesn’t make it easy, but our leadership laid a foundation of mutual trust and transparency early. Beyond things like world-class medical and maternity leave plans, profit-sharing quarterly bonuses, annual training budgets and generous time off, our first aha moment came when we took our company almost completely virtual. Our philosophy was to hire the best talent regardless of location so people can thrive in what they love to do wherever they love to do it. Ten years later, we’ve got over 400 people in 40 states and counting. This virtual model gives employees better balance between their work and personal lives, but a dispersed workforce can make the more organic ways of meeting people from other teams and building friendships difficult. That’s why our leadership created twice-annual all-company “family reunions,” lunch with Dave (our president) events, WeWork office subscriptions and many other unique opportunities for employees to interact with their coworkers. In an industry characterized as having a heavy “bro-culture,” we achieved a 50/50 male to female executive breakdown. It’s these stats and so much more that’s driven our 92% employee retention rate and 4.7 Glassdoor score (and recently ranked us among their 2017 Employees’ Choice Awards). If you’re ready to find out why 98% of our employees said Goodway Group is a great place to work, check us out and apply today. And congratulations to all our employees on this awesome recognition. Here’s to another great year at Goodway!