Back to the Basics: The Future of Programmatic Looks Promising

gettyimages-programmatic-promisingStill unsure about programmatic media buying? You’re not alone—over 67% of CMOs do not totally understand programmatic or how to apply it to their marketing campaigns.* Yet, Dun & Bradstreet interviewed 100 marketers and found, “78 percent planned to spend up to half of their advertising budgets on programmatic this year. What’s more, 65 percent said they would spend more on programmatic this year than ever before.” If you’re not yet buying programmatic media, now is the time learn about this buying method and some of the advantages that it can offer. For our final post in the “Back to the Basics” series, we’ll put your fears to ease and focus on the outlook for programmatic in the years to come. The potential for brands investing in programmatic is enormous. In 2016, U.S. programmatic digital display ad spending will reach $22.10 billion, according to eMarketer. That’s a jump of 39.7% over last year and represents 67.0% of total digital display ad spending in the United States. Mobile programmatic display spending is set to increase as well to 59.6%, reaching $15.45 billion in 2016, and digital video isn’t too far behind at $5.51 billion. Programmatic is closing in on larger and larger portions of the overall advertising market. Thanks to efficiencies in programmatic targeting, cost, and delivery, it’s safe to say that the future of programmatic advertising is bright. So what do you do when your marketing needs outgrow traditional media? You redefine. Influencing today’s consumers isn’t about just a single touch. It’s a series of touch points over time—in both traditional and digital media—that add up to something really powerful. Programmatic isn’t going away, so make sure your strategy will continue to build brand loyalty and sentiment in the years to come. Goodway has redefined what it means to be strategic through programmatic media. For us, it’s about embracing new marketing tools early, then helping our clients understand and utilize those tools to get results that won’t break the bank or their backs. Contact us today and start to redefine your expectations of what programmatic can offer. For more “back to basics” training, see these posts about why programmatic is more efficient than traditional ad buys, why programmatic takes advantage of big data more effectively, and why programmatic enables more sophisticated targeting.