The Goodway Life: Explore the Realities of Remote Work

What’s it really like to work at Goodway Group?

Q&A with Charisse Klock

Five-year veteran, Charisse Klock shares how she tackles remote work and campaign operations from her home just outside of Richmond, Virginia.

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An ex-journalist turned social media guru, I jumped into the ad agency fast lane with auto clients before joining the programmatic bandwagon in 2012.

OK . . . so how did you end up at in a remote work job at Goodway Group?

My husband is in the U.S. Army, and in 2012, we were stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where I was commuting an hour each way to Nashville to work for a small market research shop. My sister had been working at Goodway for a year at the time and told me they had an opening that would fit my military lifestyle (frequent moves) perfectly. My first memories of interviewing with Goodway were of chatting with two of my potential supervisors and loving them both immediately. They were very genuine and easy to talk to, and they are still some of my favorite people at Goodway to this day! Thinking about it today and writing this still makes me just so thankful.

When friends and family ask what you do all day, how do you explain it?

My journey at Goodway has been so exciting and exhilarating — Account Planner to Client Services Supervisor to my role today as Campaign Operations Director — I have learned so much! My current job is to supervise Supervisors. It’s much less ‘big brother’ than it sounds; ultimately, I make staffing decisions; coach and mentor my team of nine Supervisors; lead calls; work on department and company projects; and brainstorm ideas to make processes faster, easier and better for my team.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

The opportunities I’ve been given at Goodway have opened up a whole new passion for me, in my work life and my personal life. Many of the things I am learning about management and leadership are not only applicable to work but can be applied to my friendships, my marriage, my parenting and life, in general, as well.

What has surprised you most about REMOTE WORK AND working here?

I think the thing that has surprised me the most about working at Goodway is the work-from-home aspect, which is the biggest draw initially for most people, kind of fades away into the background when you see how awesome the people and the culture are. Sure, it’s great that we get to work from home with our cats in our pajamas, but it’s even more awesome that we get to work with people who care about what they do. People here are accountable for their work; are kind, supportive and have your back; are super talented and great problem solvers and work every day to make Goodway even better.

If you’re working from home, how are you not tempted to watch Netflix all day?

The thing that makes Goodway’s remote work environment work is the people we hire — people who are accountable for their work and take pride in what they contribute to their teams. Working virtually means you can work in your pajamas (or yoga pants, like me), and you can run to the gym when you have a free hour. But working virtually also means if you are on Eastern time and it’s 8 p.m. but your coworker on Pacific time needs something, you can jump on your laptop and send it to them from your couch.

What do you miss about office life?

I sometimes miss getting dressed in a cute outfit and having someone actually see it!

If we stopped by your house next Saturday, what would we find you doing?

I am married with two daughters — 2 and 4 years old. They are a handful! Our weekends are usually spent chasing the girls around some outdoor mall or park, eating out at one of our favorite restaurants or hanging at one of the many street festivals or events around the city. When they’re not giving me enough of a workout, you will find me in the gym or out taking photos of everything — I’m an Instagram addict.

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