Google Marketing Live 2023: 4 Top Takeaways for Marketers

On May 23, the marketing world gathered digitally for Google Marketing Live, which provided exciting insights into the future of online advertising. Here are Goodway Group’s top takeaways from Google Marketing Live, from embracing AI to innovative ad formats and the growing importance of first-party data.

1. Embrace AI – It Isn’t Going Anywhere

Advertisers should no longer shy away from incorporating AI in their campaigns. As the saying goes, “You aren’t competing against AI — you’re competing against the marketer who’s already using AI.”

Instead of waiting for a forced migration, be proactive and work on enhancing your skills to optimize human inputs with AI technology.

2. Get Familiar With Search Generative Experience (SGE)

SGE, which integrates AI chatbots with search, offers a unique ad experience that may significantly change the SERP and impact performance metrics. We viewed a demo of SGE and noted that it is essential to keep an eye on how it evolves and influences future user experiences like shopping and travel.

3. New Ways To Get Creative

Some of the most impressive demonstrations at Google Marketing Live were AI-generated creatives like the Product Studio AI integration demo.

While clients were eager to use these tools, agencies raised concerns about maintaining brand consistency. Google engineers acknowledged these limitations and plan to improve asset export processes for client approvals.

The event reaffirmed that cookie deprecation will happen in 2024, emphasizing the growing importance of first-party data. New integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot and other CRM platforms will facilitate this shift, allowing marketers to make better use of their existing data.

If you aren’t already collecting first-party data, the time to start is now. Check out our modern marketing tool kit to discover ways to better prepare for a cookie-less world.

Prepare for the Future Now

In conclusion, Google Marketing Live 2023 delivered an electrifying, AI-driven vision of the future of online advertising, leaving us all buzzing with anticipation of what’s to come.

By embracing AI, preparing for groundbreaking innovations like SGE, and unlocking the full potential of creative ad formats, marketers are poised to revolutionize the digital landscape.

Additionally, the imminent deprecation of cookies highlights the ever-growing significance of first-party data — making now the perfect time to invest in your own data collection efforts. As we boldly venture into this new era, it’s essential for marketers to stay agile, adapt to evolving trends, and continuously test and refine strategies.

You don’t have to do it alone. With a wealth of data-driven insights and a top-notch team of media experts, Goodway Group will help you ride the wave of change and make a tremendous impact in this competitive digital world. Contact us to learn more about first-party data, prepare for cookie depreciation and make the most of the latest advancements in paid search.

Sara Palmier

Sara Palmier is a results-oriented leader with an MBA and over 13 years of management experience in dynamic and fast-paced business environments. Recognized as an authentic communicator and efficient problem solver, Sara’s expertise lies in her ability to build and maintain strong relationships with individuals at all organizational levels. Sara has been a member of the Goodway Group family for over eight years, working in a variety of roles from principal SEM analyst to media lead to her current role, where she identifies search best practices and defines key processes to drive world-class performance and superior value for our clients.