Find Out How People-Based Marketing Works

We’ve all been followed by that ad weeks after we looked up a product online and already bought it in the store. This phenomenon represents wasted marketing dollars and is annoying to your customers. But soon this will be a problem of the past because people-based marketing is changing the digital ad game. People-based marketing is the industry’s latest buzzword, but explaining it to clients is complicated. Before you lose them in a 20-minute presentation around identity resolution jargon and onboarding specs, show them how people-based marketing works in less than 90 seconds. Check out our latest people-based marketing video here:


People-based marketing bridges the gap between an advertiser’s offline data and the customer’s online identity. Because real people view your ads, not pixels. It starts by taking your offline customer data — like their email address, phone number, job title and purchase history that live in your CRM — and uploading it into a secure platform, where we match it to the digital data on each person — like their device IDs, browsing habits and social logins. And we always anonymize any personally identifiable information in the process so you can rest easy knowing your customers’ privacy stays protected.


With all of your customer data connected, you take the guesswork out of targeting. Instead of reaching males in their 30s who like trucks, you target Joe, who is a rancher with a truck lease expiring in the next 90 days. Unlock your customer’s identity online and deliver more personalized messages and relevant ads on sites they are actually visiting throughout their day, no matter which device they are browsing from. Or use your data to exclude those who already bought a new truck from the campaign and spend more efficiently. If you want to find new prospects, just build look-alike segments based on your current customers, like Joe, to persuade even more people to open, click or swipe. Upload more customer data, focus your marketing strategy and make real connections — all with people-based marketing.


People-based marketing is the newest marketing trend, so you better know the essentials. What is people-based marketing? How can you grow your CRM database? Get all the answers you need about how people-based marketing works, and discover why people-based marketing should be a part of your client’s media mix. We’re here to help you recognize and reach your customers everywhere. If you watched our people-based marketing video and want to learn more, contact us now.