Maximizing Insight Across Reports

Young man and woman at computer happy with their marketing report results You’ve finally been given access to all the reporting systems and marketing programs you could want. Now what? Just because you’ve made the investment into site analytics, media platform reports and marketing automation platforms doesn’t mean they automatically integrate with each other. With performance numbers spread across several platforms, how do you make sense of all the data? More importantly, how do you use that information to improve your marketing strategy? We’ll break it down so you can move from a state of analysis paralysis to a position of modern marketing bliss.

Do You Really Need All These Reports?

Quite simply, yes. One set of analytics just isn’t enough to guide your entire marketing strategy. But there are so many different platforms and reports you can use that it’s not always easy to identify which ones are actually helpful. While several of these systems may seem to track the same things, truthfully, most of the metrics aren’t interchangeable. To help you sift through the data more quickly, here’s a quick rundown of what each platform typically tracks:

Metrics Matter. So Start Analyzing Them.

While there are limitless options of what can be done when pairing your reporting results, start with these best practices to combine data across platforms for maximum insight. Steps to maximizing insight across reports diagramRelated Post Why Your Marketing Reports Don’t Match (And Why They Never Will)