Maximizing ROAS Through Strategic Omnichannel Marketing

SkyTrak expands its paid media channels beyond display and paid search to deliver a 273:1 ROAS

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    SkyTrak partnered with Goodway Group to increase ecommerce sales of its branded golf monitor. Like many other companies, the brand has had continued supply and demand issues since the start in 2020, which affected when they could advertise, thus delaying sales and reaching the goal of increasing their revenue. In addition to these challenges, SkyTrak traditionally only advertised using mid-funnel display and paid search consideration tactics, eliminating a big piece of the customer journey.

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    Goodway developed new ways to restructure targeted audiences, revised creative and ad copy and expanded ad placements across specific platforms. Starting with a test-and-learn social campaign, Goodway proved that the channel is a top performer for engagement and website conversions, which helped to influence the decision to expand the media plan to include paid social. In October, revenue conversion pixels were implemented on the SkyTrak website, helping to directly contribute online sales to digital media efforts.

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    SkyTrak’s campaign with Goodway proved that omnichannel marketing works. SkyTrak sold roughly 20,000 units in 2021 with an average order value of $2,100, which equates to $42 MM in 2021. Goodway contributed $4,837,725 (11.5%) of the $42 MM total sales for SkyTrak in Q4 2021 for a return on ad spend of 273:1. For every dollar spent, Goodway’s efforts brought in an additional $273 to SkyTrak’s bottom line.

  • Goodway is a trusted media partner for SkyTrak, helping to expand our paid media efforts to more channels to effectively reach our revenue goals.

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