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Digital Politics

In a politically charged election year, it becomes increasingly apparent how impactful advertising budgets can be on primary outcomes. This same effect holds true for elections of all sizes, whether presidential, gubernatorial, local officials, or even ballot measures.

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Fake news
The Truth About Fake News: A Q&A Every Advertiser Should Read

According to DoubleVerify, nearly half of the fake sites in our ecosystem didn’t exist at the start of 2016, and traffic to many of those sites more than doubled by the end of the year. When the online reality doesn’t add up, you might be left with a lot of questions about fake news. Now, you can get the answers.

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The Drum
Industry Opinion: Is the Honest Ads Act a Viable Solution for Digital Political Advertising?

The Honest Ads Act hopes to bring more clarity and transparency around political digital advertising. But will it? The Drum was curious about what advertising and marketing professionals thought of the bill, and our COO Jay Friedman was one who shared his thoughts.

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