Proven Strategies for Better Performing Ads from a Real Facebook Ad Campaign

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Over the past year, we’ve shared practical tips to improve your online targeting, answered your top Cambridge Analytica questions, and explained what you can do to stay ahead of Facebook’s recent newsfeed changes. But we still get tons of questions from clients about how they can drive even more performance on their Facebook ad campaigns.

So this time, I want to try something different. We recently worked with a national home goods chain that had a solid Facebook following, but they wanted to use social media to build more than brand awareness. They were searching for a way to use paid social ads to drive real sales, specifically in their online store. With all the buzz surrounding people-based marketing, we knew it could improve their paid social strategy and prove Facebook ads really work. Because this Facebook ad campaign was so widely successful – bringing in over $1.2 million in revenue in a single month at the peak of the campaign – I want to share some of the key takeaways from our experience that you can actually implement on your next Facebook ad campaign.

Don’t Forget to Layer On Your First-Party Data Segments

Use Look-alikes to Expand Your Social Prospecting Pool

Think Beyond Brand Awareness and Set ROAS Goals