Top 3 Programmatic Video Advertising Tips for 2017

feet on road showing areas on which direction to go for programmatic video advertising tips in 2017 Wondering how to tackle programmatic video advertising this year? Wish you could ask an expert? No need. Goodway Group COO Jay Friedman gave his best advice to leading researcher eMarketer for its latest report, “Digital Video Advertising Best Practices 2017: Expert Insights for More Effective Campaigns.” This comprehensive report, a compilation of suggestions from more than two dozen leading digital media industry professionals, spans 15 digital video advertising topics that every savvy marketer must understand now, like how to hit on the best creative approach, how to choose the right targeting and personalization methods, and how to combat ad blocking and fraud. Find it at eMarketer (it’s available to all eMarketer subscribers) to read what all the experts have to say, but excerpted here are Jay’s smart tips to take action now: Cross-Device Linking and Audience-based Buying

  • Tip #1: “Cross-device linking and audience-based buying have matured in the past year. I encourage all our clients to not buy inventory first, but to buy audience first and then make sure that the publications they’re buying with are reasonable.”

Video Ads

  • Tip #2: “Build your spots so they convey everything you need to convey in 5 seconds, and that the next 10 or 25 seconds are bonus time. I see so many video ads today that within 5 seconds they’re still doing the build-up.”

Programmatic Inventory Value

  • Tip #3: “All programmatic ad inventory, and video almost more than anything, is like buying jewelry or diamonds. If the price is too good, there is a reason for it. I see so many clients and agencies demanding video inventory that is low-priced, and they are not getting what they think they are getting when they’re spending that little bit of money.”

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