Tying Ad Spend to Foot Traffic

Learn how Goodway Group helped one quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain drive more in-store visitors with the right data and strategies.

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Key Outcomes

Our digital partnership with Foursquare provided the data we needed to develop smart strategies that drove traffic while reducing costs.

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of Display campaigns had a CPV of $0.02 or less

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of in-store visits were driven by our Display campaigns

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video lift for promos running all three channels​

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    Bernstein-Rein approached us with a QSR chain who was looking for affordable digital strategies that could drive more customers to visit their physical locations.

    Armed with a limited budget and a big need to drive traffic, we set out to answer the question: “What were the digital channels and promos needed to bring the most customers through your doors?”

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    To answer this, we collected Foursquare foot traffic data over three months. As we tested various promotions, we closely measured their effectiveness by keeping an eye on metrics like: cost per visit by channel and geo, impressions to visits, and visits by promo.

    With the right data in hand, we uncovered which digital marketing strategies delivered the biggest payoff.

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    Crunching the numbers, we found that display was the clear winner in driving more in-store visitors while keeping costs low for Bernstein-Rein’s QSR chain. But the insights didn’t stop there.

    We identified that video messaging was more effective than display or audio for promotions that didn’t have a specific or seasonal menu item. And when it came to promoting items on the QSR chain’s app, video consistently came out on top.

  • Working with our partners at Goodway Group, we were able to gain insight into the strongest performing tactics as well as promotion level performance insights.

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