Total Website Revamp Features a Unique Target Rating Points Calculator

Programmatic ad tech firm, Goodway Group, has unveiled an online target rating points (TRP) calculator as part of a recent revamp to their website. Now, existing and potential clients have the ability to access a free portal to assess online impressions for digital ad campaigns. Goodway is the only programmatic firm offering this value-added service on their website. Users can now convert their own TRP goals into online impressions or vice versa. As agencies evolve from buying “TV” to “Video,” media planners need to understand how moving dollars into digital will impact their communication plans. Driven by Nielsen’s population data, this featured tool will help digital advertisers answer key questions, such as:

  1. How many TRPs does xx impressions equate to in my market?
  2. How many impressions do I need to get to xx TRPs in my market?

“Existing clients and even potential new ones will now have the ability to answer key questions about their digital campaigns before they run,” states Jay Friedman, Chief Operating Officer of Goodway Group. “It’s a value-added service that we hope will keep our clients as informed as possible about the strategy of their existing and future campaigns.” The total website revamp effort, created by 28Media, highlights Goodway’s shift to modern day managed programmatic services while still honoring the history and values of the 86-year-old, third-generation family-owned company. “Change is both good and exhilarating. It keeps us nimble, keeps us pushing forward,” states Jay Friedman. “Our ability to transform over the years is how we built our success and how we stay at the forefront of the digital industry, offering only the best digital support, tools and integrated Web resources to our clients.” In addition to these new value-added client resources, the site also boasts easier navigation, streamlined content and rich imagery, creating a better user experience for both current clientele and future customers. To utilize these value-added features and explore the updated site, please visit