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Today’s programmatic auction is more complex than ever. We’ve got you covered with the insider guide to programmatic pricing. Download our free What’s Programmatic Worth? Guide now to learn about all the latest programmatic trends. And inside, learn the one innovative thing you can leverage to give your campaign performance a 20% boost.

Whats Your Programmatic Worth
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Case Study
Attributing Lift Across the Customer Journey

Taking a full-funnel measurement approach empowered a leading mattress retailer to confidently invest in its targeted audience strategy.

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'It's Hard to Find Thinkers and Doers': The Challenges of Hiring Programmatic Experts

Companies can struggle to find ad tech talent locally who truly understand programmatic plus have expertise in media planning. Goodway Group COO, Jay Friedman, shares his thoughts on why in this Digiday article.

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advanced TV featured image
Advanced TV Guide

Explore advanced TV’s latest features, demand, pricing and more with our latest guide.

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