Why Display Ads Are Cooler Than You Thought: New Myth-Busting Ad Stat Pack

why display ads and online banners work for smiling shop owners open for business in ad stat pack Just like the new kid in school, when display ads stepped into the marketing arena, many were skeptical. After more than a decade in the market, display ads have grown out of that awkward phase and are way cooler than you ever thought. Download our ad stat pack slides for the instant research you need to debunk display ad myths and explain why online banners should be in every client’s media plan.

Banner Ads Play Nice with Everyone

Remember that kid in high school who — even though he wasn’t technically in the popular group — seemed to be friends with everyone? In digital marketing, that’s display advertising. Without being too boastful or pushy, display has a clever way of allowing us to test, discover and solve the biggest challenges in digital marketing. For example, it enables marketers to test applications and translations of first-party data at scale through identity resolution products. These tests determine the best partners, verify match rates and inform all, ensuing decisions about how to use CRM data in the future to maximize ROI across all channels. What’s more, display isn’t looking to kill the curve. The lessons learned from banner tests can be applied to many other ad channels and mediums so everyone makes the grade.

Those Thick Glasses Are for More Than Seeing the Blackboard

There was once a time when thick glasses were a sign of corrected vision — and that you were sure to get your lunch money stolen. Today, these are more common on a fashion-forward hipster. Display is like said frames, giving the advertiser clear sight into both the micro and macro levels of digital campaigns. On the micro side, display advertising is where our programmatic traders scale and learn what’s working to drive KPIs, and what’s not within a campaign’s current parameters. It provides the most efficient path to understanding dayparting, device usage, audience geography, third-party data and more, which can be critical to how marketers position usage across other mediums. From the macro view, we can spot larger industry trends, mergers and acquisitions and new products on the horizon because of technology evolutions that are catalyzed through banner ads.

Why Display Stands Up to Bullies

Unlike other channels, display impressions provide the scale necessary to deliver and test site quality. With plenty of data available to shine a spotlight on possible bad apples, like fake news sites, and a gang of verification providers on your side, display can cost-effectively ensure advertisers are able to avoid potential fraudsters. This is also where private marketplaces and big data will meet to take down header-bidding bullies. As with past changes in RTB structure and pricing theory tests, the latest advances often start with online banners before filtering through to other inventory types. Let’s face it, display shouldn’t be your only friend in the digital space, but it should be one of your closest. Sure, online banners can seem a little geeky, but they’re smart in a suspenders-and-bow-tie kind of way. And we can’t do without them just yet. If you’re ready to learn more about why display ads are important in today’s media plan, download our Debunking Display Ad Myths: Revealing the Facts on Why Display Ads Work stat pack slides now.