Growing the Next Era of Kubota Customers

Earning customer loyalty starts with the very first purchase, especially on products with long life cycles. Goodway Group and increased Kubota’s brand awareness among first-time equipment buyers and encouraged purchases while delivering data-driven, personalized messaging.

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    To capitalize on the rural migration trend amplified by the pandemic and new work-from-home policies, Kubota Tractor Corporation, a heavy equipment manufacturer, hoped to build brand awareness among consumers looking to make a lifestyle change. The goal was to establish an emotional connection with potential first-time residential equipment buyers when they were searching for rural property and considering the equipment they would need to manage the land and accomplish their dream.

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    Kubota Tractor Corporation and's novel partnership was an exceptional fit. Goodway Group personalized a native advertising tool for Kubota's campaign. Together, Goodway Group and built a native advertising tool that met Kubota's needs. As consumers searched property listings on, a custom Kubota interactive overlay form would collect crucial data points, including property acreage and how they planned to use the land. Using first-party data, the tool would recommend personalized Kubota residential equipment matching each consumer's need for the outdoor job, whether hobby farming, property maintenance, landscaping or more.

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    This Goodway Group and native advertising campaign helped Kubota Tractor Corporation build brand awareness and directly target, engage and interact with potential first-time rural home buyers on the verge of being in market for residential equipment. The three-month flight surpassed benchmarks and Goodway's and Kubota's own expectations, achieving 208% over goal on Kubota tool opens, 107% over goal on Kubota tool interactions and 165% increased visits to local dealer websites!

  • With's innovative native advertising tool and Goodway Group's out-of-the-box thinking and customization, Kubota was able to engage the post-COVID customer, achieve remarkable campaign results and chart new paths for growth.

    John R. LeeDirector, Marketing, Kubota Tractor Corporation


    Goodway Group and Kubota Tractor Corporation customized and tested a new brand utility tool that stretched across the funnel — introduced the Kubota brand to potential first-time residential equipment buyers and moved them toward a purchase — and were rewarded with digital advertising results that surpassed benchmarks and drove a record number of consumers to dealer websites.

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    increased visits to local dealer websites! Brand Utility Tool

    A Kubota national advertising campaign drove a record number of consumers to dealer websites. See how. and Kubota

    Get innovative audience targeting and fresh and unexpected digital advertising opportunities that include personalization at scale to start building more brand awareness and customers now.

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