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Creative optimization strategy boosts TITLE Boxing On-Demand’s Facebook advertising success and informs brand direction.

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    TITLE Boxing On-Demand wanted to understand which social media creative messages and imagery performed best at motivating Facebook users to sign up for its Boxing On-Demand trial. The goal was to gain insights to inform future social campaigns, photoshoot budgets, influencer partnerships and user-generated content. Yet, the client didn't have an in-house creative team to help set the creative direction, produce the social assets and conduct the creative testing.

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    TITLE Boxing On-Demand expanded its Goodway Group partnership and brought aboard the Goodway creative services team to fill the gap. The Goodway creative and media teams produced, launched, analyzed and optimized multiple social media assets to test and learn which TITLE Boxing On-Demand's social advertising message and imagery combinations drove the most online boxing fitness platform trial sign-ups at the most efficient cost.

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    The value proposition creative test determined "No Equipment Needed" and "Classes on Your Own Time" — the messages that focused on the consumer experience rather than equipment or instructors performed best. The imagery creative test determined what assets visually resonated most with Facebook users and found the top three images were similar — each featured a fit, strong young person clad in activewear doing a workout.

  • Goodway Group has been an invaluable partner to TITLE Boxing Club. With the team's creative and media support and reporting, we got the paid social insights we needed to not only boost our Facebook advertising results but to confidently make key decisions to drive our brand forward.

    Ryan WarnerDigital Marketing Manager, TITLE Boxing Club




    lower than average CPC for “No Equipment Needed” message than other messages tested



    more likely to purchase from seeing “No Equipment Needed” message than other messages tested

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    higher conversion rate on one of the top three “young person doing a workout” images on average than other images tested

    Facebook Social Asset Testing Results

    For the Facebook social message test, the two headlines about the consumer experience rather than equipment or instructors won: “No Equipment Needed” and “Classes on Your Own Time.”

    For the Facebook social visual test, the three top winners featured fit, strong young people working out.


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