What Is D2D?

Direct2Dealer® (D2D) is technology we created to use on the majority of our automotive advertising campaigns to drive prospects to dealer sites.

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How Does D2D Work?

  • When an automotive banner ad is served, D2D works in the background to recognize a user’s IP zip code and match it against a database to determine the most appropriate dealer for the user.
  • D2D then prepopulates the user’s IP zip code and dealer within the banner.
  • When the user clicks on the automotive banner’s call-to-action button, D2D sends them to their local dealer’s model inventory webpage – all in a single click!
D2D 01

What Are D2D Benefits?

  • Creates more personalized advertising plus a frictionless customer experience
  • Drives prospects to local automotive dealer websites
  • Reduces user drop-off, takes a prospect to their desired destination in one click (instead of the typical seven clicks!)
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