Report: US Ecommerce by Category 2022
Presented by Goodway Group & eMarketer

According to eMarketer, US ecommerce sales are expected to grow 14.1% this year and will continue this growth trajectory in the years ahead.

For years, Amazon has been the leader in the ecommerce space — from everyday purchases like toothpaste and deodorant to larger items like air fryers and coffee makers — consumers turn to the online retailer for most of their needs. But as the pandemic has unfolded, we’ve seen different players take a share of the market, including Walmart, Apple, and eBay.

Based on trends in consumer buying habits, eMarketer predicts that retail sales growth will return to pre-pandemic levels with a major shift in the types of products they choose to purchase online. In addition to this change, ecommerce’s share of total retail sales is expected to rise moving forward. By 2025, ecommerce will make up more than 20% of all US retail sales. How can retail brands capitalize on this fast-growing market in order to reach their consumers when they are ready to make a purchase? Learn more in the US Ecommerce by Category 2022 Report, presented by Goodway Group & eMarketer.

What’s inside?

  • eMarketer’s comprehensive US retail ecommerce forecast for 2022
  • Information about ecommerce’s share of overall sales for product categories
  • Insights into the fastest growing ecommerce categories
  • How ecommerce brands can continue to grow by utilizing a multichannel marketing strategy
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