494 Reasons We’re Pumped for the Colorado Marketing Summit

Colorado Marketing Summit If Denver’s crisp mountain air, 300 days of sunshine and world-class restaurants aren’t reason enough to plan a visit, there’s the Colorado Marketing Summit happening next week. Although the 2016 summit was a blast, #COMS17 is expected to be even bigger and better. The June 20th event will bring together the best and brightest minds in marketing, advertising, IT, social media and beyond for a full day of panel discussions, networking and brainstorming. Over the years, the Colorado Marketing Summit has become a place for leading professionals to completely rethink the way agencies and brands interact with each other and their customers. There will be many new products, breaking industry news and the top digital experts on-site to look forward to. So, I can’t wait to see what this year’s event has in store for us. Do you still need a reason to be especially pumped about this year’s event? We’ve got 494 of them:

  • 300+ networking opportunities to discuss marketing challenges for national and multilocation businesses in the ever-evolving digital world
  • >150 marketers representing over 100 brands coming together to enhance education and accelerate collaboration between agencies and brands
  • 25 inspiring speakers and panelists sharing exciting news about the latest products, benchmarks and campaign strategies in the digital marketing space
  • 8 hours of interactive sessions on content creation, new breakthroughs in smart data and disruptive technologies that every marketer needs to know about
  • 6+ 101-level and beyond explanation from experts on how increasingly complex data sets can better reach customers
  • 5 of the industry’s top social influencers on-site to ensure we get the inside scoop on who’s the next Snapchat, what Facebook will do next and other exciting news in social media

We have plenty of reasons to be excited about hanging out at the upcoming summit event. Are you ready to pack your swag bags and get inspired? Check out this year’s breakout sessions and join us for the Colorado Marketing Summit on June 20th in Denver. Make sure to tweet @goodwaygroup to let us know you’ll be there!