A Vote for the Independent Partner

gettyimages-independent-freedomThis Election Day, we at Goodway Group are reminded why being a fiercely independent force in the world is a positive thing. For us, being independent is part of who we are—a bootstrapped, 100 percent privately owned managed services programmatic media company supporting over 100 local, regional, and Fortune 500 ad agencies in the United States. Over the years, Goodway Group has found its independence provides a unique advantage in the programmatic ad tech market and has been the foundation for our success in three primary areas: Being Agile Means We’re Quick to Innovate When you don’t have to deal with layers of bureaucracy that come with boards and investors, you benefit from quick decisions. Simply put, we’re nimble and able to quickly adapt to the changing ad tech scene. We take advantage of the opportunity to invest in up-to-date research, experiment with new technologies or processes, and respond to the client needs of tomorrow faster. Our truly collaborative business model fosters innovation and entrepreneurship to get the best results possible for our clients’ campaigns. Being Selective Means We Make the Right Choices for the Right Reasons As an independent company, we have the freedom to choose the clients we work with. While many competitors often focus solely on revenue potential, we care and have the autonomy to take calculated risks to partner with smaller regional clients that demonstrate similar passion, values, and principles as our own, or pass on those who don’t. It also means we can afford to do the right thing for our clients no matter what, without pressure from shareholders or stock analysts. Being Mindful of Our Culture Means We Attract the Right Talent The most important asset we have is our people. They are the real soul of Goodway Group and the visible demonstration of our company culture. That culture centers around personal integrity, accountability, and a “roll up your sleeves” work ethic. Our independence has allowed us to define this culture and grow our teams on our own terms, where the net result is hiring only the best talent who embody the bold, solutions-oriented vision of our organization. No matter which side of the aisle you are voting for in today’s election, remember that our freedom to choose is the cornerstone of how we should live and work.