Celebrating a Win for the Underdog

the-drum-digital-trading-awards-2016Everyone loves the underdog. It’s why Rocky, Rudy, and The Karate Kid are household names. It’s also why empowering our partners to get recognized for their exceptional work day-in and day-out is just one way Goodway helps regional agencies to create not just valuable campaign results but to build a competitive edge. For most, rooting for the little guy is less about seeing the unexpected upset and more about cheering on the everyday heroes who just won’t quit. They are the scrappy, little-known fighters from the middle of nowhere who are willing work harder and smarter than their competitors to stay ahead. In the ad tech business, the same philosophy applies. As a bootstrapped, independent programmatic partner to local and regional brand agencies, we have to outsmart competitors in order to secure the best inventory and talent on behalf of our clients. What we have is a deep understanding of what adds value to local market campaigns and an unbeatable resilience to see our partners succeed. What’s more, in our years of working with regional agency partners, we’ve seen them provide an unparalleled level of personal attention and shared commitment to advertisers and their campaigns year after year. Still, it’s always exciting to watch the dark horse swoop in to steal the show, which is exactly what we did at The Drum’s 2016 US Digital Trading Awards. Goodway Group took home awards for the Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership and Grand Prix (Best of Show) at the inaugural awards in New York City. Selected for the complex, multi-market, multi-audience Visit Pensacola tourism campaign along with our regional agency partner Appleyard Agency, the recognition shows that when we work together, everyone really can dream big and win. As we continue to be inspired by each of our 100+ amazing regional agency partners, these awards are truly a win for all of them. These are the stories that stick with us; so without further ado, it’s our pleasure to share the winning ‘Driving Pensacola Tourism through Digital Innovation’ campaign case study.