Goodway Cares Shows How Corporate Giving Makes a Difference

Goodway Cares is a corporate giving program that takes many overlapping hands At the heart of Goodway is our people. And where there are people, there are inevitably special interests, passions and unique hobbies. Since April is National Volunteer Month, we wanted to share how giving back makes a difference by spotlighting some of the amazing corporate giving and volunteer programs Goodway offers to our employees and our community. Encouraging our employees to give back to those in need has been a part of the Goodway culture for over half a century. Our current corporate giving initiatives all started with the Milton Wolk Foundation created by Goodway’s founder in 1965, which supported a variety of charities. Then, as the leadership torch passed on to Beryl Wolk, “A Better World” was established in 1990 as part of our ongoing pursuit to support not-for-profits, social causes, start-ups, entrepreneurs and those in need on a national and global basis. Since then, our current president, Dave Wolk, has continued to cultivate that dream across the many communities our employees touch. So, it comes as no surprise that over the years, many of our employees have demonstrated compassion by personally volunteering at charity events, serving on nonprofit boards or donating their talents to organizations in their area. Still in recent years, we asked how we could do more to support this vision for stronger, healthier communities where we live and work through our official corporate giving programs. Inspired by the memory of Milton’s and Beryl’s unwavering commitment, we launched the expansion of Goodway Cares in 2016 to provide new ways for our team members to do good in every aspect of their lives. The key components of our Goodway Cares program are two-fold. First, we established Goodway Cares as a 501c3 charity that our employees can easily donate to through payroll deductions. These Goodway Cares funds are typically used to place ads supporting events and causes for worthwhile non-profit organizations across the country. Goodway matches these contributions up to $250 annually per employee. But we know passions come in all shapes and sizes, and our employees care about a wide range of social causes. Some love donating toys to shelter dogs, while others like to pick out the paint for murals in their city park. And if socializing with seniors is their thing, that’s great too! Goodway Cares makes it easy for our employees to choose the cause they are most passionate about. That’s why they can also opt to give money to a charity of their choice. As an added bonus, Goodway will also match these donations up to $250 annually per employee. The second part of our Goodway Cares program is an in-kind donation of our services and expertise to organizations in need. As a successful, family-owned business, we understand the challenges of starting an organization from nothing. That’s why we let a dedicated group of our employees lend their skills, time and talents to help budding non-profits with everything from how to implement agile processes, to effectively managing remote workforces to digital media training. How has giving back through Goodway Cares made a difference in our communities? Here are just a handful of the 100+ organizations that have been impacted by Goodway Cares match and corporate giving programs in the past year: nonprofit logos where our company giving program donates The best is yet to come. If you’re a non-profit organization or small business owner that needs help navigating the digital landscape, or you’re just looking for business advice to take your passions to the next level, we are here to help. Contact our Goodway Cares team at to learn more. Or if you are as excited as we are to take social responsibility to the next level and want to work for a company dedicated to strengthening our impact on our community, search our current job listings and apply today. Then, share how giving back makes a difference for you during National Volunteer Month on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with #GoodwayCares.