Goodway Group Debuts Validate360™

First-in-industry product suite to validate actual offline sales and in-store visits

Goodway Group, a managed services programmatic media firm serving hundreds of advertising agencies and marketers across North America, has announced Validate360™, a product suite measuring actual sales and in-store visits against digital advertising spend and delivery. Validate360 is an industry first and functions as a value-added service designed to track digital ad campaigns and their effectiveness at influencing actual purchasing decisions. Validate360 intro ”Brick-and-mortar advertisers who rely on more than e-commerce have been waiting 20 years for a validation product suite that can measure true offline sales and store visits in a control vs. exposed, scientific manner,” said Jay Friedman, COO at Goodway Group. “Establishing the right data connections and algorithms took just under two years, but this will power the next decade in driving better ROI for our clients.” Whether the purchase is an automobile, traditional consumer packaged goods, dinner at a quick-serve restaurant, or clothing from a major retailer, Validate360 measures the lift between control and exposed groups with statistical confidence and significance. In addition, in-store visits can be captured without bothering the consumer or relying on often-false self-reported consumer data about their advertising awareness. At a time where consumers’ concern over their privacy is at an all-time high, Goodway Group is quick to point out the anonymity and trustworthiness of its data. Jonathan Mellinger, Goodway’s vice president of enterprise partnerships explains, “Goodway Group has been family-owned for 87 years. There have been prior solutions that didn’t meet our privacy standards, but Validate360 provides consumers with 100 percent anonymity and privacy guarantees. We wouldn’t have it any other way.” Validate360 operates as a true turnkey solution, offering an immersive view of the actual effectiveness of the digital ad campaign life cycle. What begins as a targeted ad and ends with an in-store purchasing decision can now be assigned, tracked, verified, and reported. From there, results can be matched directly to the original dollar amount of the digital media buy and compared to the total ad spend for a particular campaign. In addition, Goodway technology now has the ability to perform a “seed and replicate” technique to reach targeted consumers across any of their device platforms. Once a user and their individual device have been identified, digital ads can then be retargeted in a cross-device technique reaching any corresponding combination of their mobile devices, desktops, and tablet computers. To learn more about Validate360, watch this short informational video explaining just how this product suite works. For more information, please visit Goodway on the web at