Investigation: DSPs Charge Hidden Fees – and Many Can’t Afford to Stop

Our COO Jay Friedman was quoted in this AdExchanger article about the four ways DSPs make money beyond their percentage of media and what marketers think of these nontransparent practices. Regarding QPS rebates, Jay said, ““As a buyer, you count on your DSP to be agnostic as to where you spend your money. If they start diverting spend, that’s unethical. That should be done with buyers’ consent and returned to the buyer.” When asked about his feelings about discrepancy fees, Jay said, ““If, in the natural course, some numbers are over and some are under, so be it. If the DSP has programmed its ad server to overcount such that that creates a spread for them, that is not OK.” Lastly, he said marketers should focus on the ROI created by programmatic media buys overall and that making money isn’t bad, just hidden fees are bad.