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Meet Goodway Group: the trusted digital marketing partner supporting your local and regional automotive advertising efforts.

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The Fuel Behind Your Tier II LMA Digital Media Campaigns

You may not be familiar with Goodway, but we’re the partner executing your Tier II LMA advertising efforts. We currently run campaigns for over 150 LMAs:

  • Setting the standard in media excellence others struggle to imitate.
  • Getting your fair share of Tier II media delivery by dealer contribution.
  • Negotiating exceptional media rates to pass the savings to your dealership.
  • Sharing proprietary advertising tools, tech, and reporting.
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Get Your Fair Share of the Tier II Media Delivery

Goodway offers LMAs the opportunity to run media based on each dealer’s budget contribution. We allocate a proportional percentage of media delivered in a dealer’s AOR to their budget contribution for Display, Video, and OTT / FEP tactics.

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Optimize Your Tier II Media Based on DMV Sales Information



Data-Driven Media Delivery & Optimization

Goodway digital marketing campaigns go beyond optimizing to website actions and toward what you care about most – Vehicle Sales.

Our Process

We work with your LMA to optimize your digital media campaigns to recorded DMV Leases and Sales. This increases the likelihood of driving additional consumers who will buy from your dealership.


Deep Expertise. Omni-Channel Solutions. Holistic Insights.

LMAs who work with Goodway gain access to proprietary advertising tech, plus an industry-expert team to research, strategize, plan, execute, and measure your digital media campaigns.

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    UniversalReach TV

    Single access point to centralized, premium FEP inventory, providing best-in-industry reach, scale, and impact to engage your target audience at the most competitive price of all providers.

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    OfferIQ®: Video Creative Overlay

    Show offers onscreen the entire time a potential customer watches a video ad. Customizable options include LMA, dealer or event logo.

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    Customizable Media Delivery

    Dealer groups have a choice of how to run media in their marketplace from dealerized creative to contribution-based delivery as they see best for their group.

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    Unique Localized Research & Insights

    Goodway’s PassportOne® enhances your first-party audience data, making us the only agency to help you discover, reach, and understand your customers across the buyer journey.

  • How We Drive Business In Your Zone and LMA

    Available Media Channels
    • Video: FEP/Connected TV, Pre-roll, YouTube
    • Display: Conquesting, Retention, Retargeting, Endemic and TV Sync
    • Audio
    • Search
    • Social
    Additional Services
    • Creative Production, including translation into Spanish
    • OfferIQ® video overlay for omnipresent localized and incentive messaging
    • Direct Dealer Link® (DDL) creative to drive prospects to dealer sites
    • Microsite Production
    • GM Data Integration
    • PassportOne® for localized audience insights superior to the national data currently utilized

    Make Your Tier II Advertising Work Harder.

    Have your offer and dealer name on your YouTube, Pre-Roll, or Streaming TV video ads for nearly the whole video duration with Goodway’s proprietary video creative tool, OfferIQ®.

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    Creative Overlay in Action

    Combine video creative with omnipresent incentives across YouTube, pre-roll and UniversalReach TV. Dearlerization of ads on pre-roll and UniversalReach TV (aka FEP) also available.
    Click play below to view examples of OfferIQ. 

    Working with Goodway Group

    Reach Out to Your LMA Representative

    Individual dealers can reach out to their LMA to inquire about working with Goodway Group. Contact us if you’d like to hear about the performance and solutions we can provide to your LMA.

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