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Grow sales for your fast-casual restaurant with Goodway Group’s expert local digital marketing.


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Growing Your Restaurant’s Sales is Easier Than You Think

Competition in the fast-casual restaurant market is tight. Goodway makes it easy to grow your business and break through the noise.

We deliver results-oriented local digital marketing at scale. Our franchise marketing experts act as an extension of your team, providing strategy, insights, and real-time support. So you can leave a lasting impression with your ideal audience on the right platforms, at the right time.

Goodway has over 30 years of experience partnering with franchise brands. We have helped over 1,500 franchisees reach their customers and grow their businesses.

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Your Customers Are Online. Are You?

Your audience is on social media constantly. If you’re not marketing to local customers via social channels, you’re missing out on sales and brand loyalty.

Goodway’s experts create and implement your local marketing strategy so you reach customers where they are, when they’re in-market to buy. Our experienced team is built specifically to help your restaurant grow through targeted paid social media campaigns.

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Why Goodway?

You’re a restaurant franchise owner with multiple locations. You need a marketing partner that can implement advertising campaigns that increase sales and meet brand requirements. As a franchise marketing agency, Goodway delivers results and saves you time to focus on the big picture.

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    Need-Specific Support

    Your advertising needs can change quickly, so your media partner should be flexible in meeting your goals. Goodway helps fast-casual restaurants build awareness for multiple initiatives, including Grand Openings, Recruitment, Specials, and Experiences to keep customers coming through the door.

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    Meet Brand Requirements

    We understand the importance of meeting brand compliance standards and strategies. Goodway acts as your partner to implement digital marketing efforts that meet corporate's design standards and promotional pushes.

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    Focus on the Big Picture

    Managing the success of multiple franchises is a full-time job. Strategizing, planning, executing, and measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns is best handled by an expert marketing team. Let Goodway handle your growth marketing goals, while you focus on the big picture.

  • Our Local Digital Media Process

    Our turnkey service takes care of media planning, campaign management, creative development, and reporting so you can focus on running your business.

    Advertising Channels
    Social campaigns run on Facebook and Instagram and serve where a user is most likely to see the ad. Our team is Facebook Blueprint Certified.

    User Experience & Placement
    Using the power of your corporate brand, your campaign runs out of the national Facebook account. Your campaign is narrowly targeted around locations you provide, as tight as a three-mile radius around the address.

    Messaging Options
    Promote Experience/Calendar Products, Grand Openings, Recruiting, and Delivery Awareness.

    Campaign Management & Reporting
    A dedicated social analyst monitors your campaign daily. Human intelligence and machine learning drive campaign optimization. We gather learnings through campaign analytics and further refine our targeting and strategy.

    Proven results for franchise businesses

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    Hyperlocal SEM Strategy

    By customizing Paid Search campaigns aligned to market-specific business needs, we increased one dealer’s conversion volume by 157%.

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    Tying Ad Spend to Foot Traffic

    Analyzing cost per visit by channel and geo, impressions to visits and visits by promo, we uncovered which digital marketing strategies deliver the biggest payoff of store visitors.

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