Let’s Meet at Shoptalk! 

We’re going to the show in Mandalay Bay March 26-29, 2023 and would love to connect with you in person.

Book a meeting with the Goodway team to chat through how we can help you maximize your ad spend.



Talk Shop With Goodway in Las Vegas

Whatever your media plans are for your brand this year, we’re game to learn more.

Set aside some of your time during the crazy ride that will be Shoptalk to grab a drink (or mocktail) with us and discuss how to:

  • Choose the best coffee to keep pushing through the busy agenda (we thrive on caffeine and have figured out the secret to the perfect coffee-to-energy ratio at events).
  • Increase your revenue by building your own retail media network or expanding your advertising on more RMNs.
  • Achieve growth at scale with omnichannel media strategies, measurement and planning.
  • Connect your sales data to any channel or media to understand big-picture consumer purchasing behavior.
  • Boost brand loyalty—and lower your acquisition costs—with programmatic ads.
  • Get a free competitive analysis* for your brand comparing your media spend by channel and device with two of your competitors.

Want to meet with Goodway? Fill out the form, and we’ll reach out to confirm a time to chat in person!

Look for Us at Shoptalk!

Adam Herman
SVP, Business Strategy & Development
Laura Koelbel
Director, Business Strategy & Development
Linley LePage
Director, Business Strategy & Development
David Robbins
Director, Business Strategy & Development

*Recipients of the free competitive analysis report (the “Report”) acknowledge and understand that the Report is provided “as is” and no warranties of any kind are given with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or merchantability of the Report.