Fast-Track Your Pharmaceutical Advertising With 5 Digital Tips

You know your heart rate, the steps you’ve taken and the calories you’ve burned. You know your doctor’s bio, reviews and what to expect before you even visit. Today, most any question you have has a fast answer, thanks to the gadget on your wrist and in the palm of your hand. Digital technology has enriched people’s lives, and now you can harness its power to also help them lead healthier lives by creating effective, highly targeted pharmaceutical advertising campaigns with these 5 digital tips: 1. Go Beyond TV With Pre-Roll Repurpose your traditional :30 TV spots and turn them into :15 pre-roll videos. Think of this digital video format as compelling mini TV commercials viewers must watch before their desired content, such as a YouTube video, loads. How can you make your own :15 pre-roll videos user-friendly, memorable and engaging? Keep them brief, simple and clear. Include a voiceover and a strong call-to-action to keep viewers wanting to watch, and wanting to share. Don’t forget to design a polished post-click landing page to effectively capture your leads. Curious about what effective pre-roll ads look like? Fuel your imagination with HubSpot’s pre-roll picks and see the impact you can have in just six seconds! 2. Capture the Moment With Trigger Marketing Automate your pharmaceutical advertising campaigns with trigger marketing. Whenever your audience takes a specific action – spends a certain amount of time on a website, signs up for a newsletter, downloads an app and such – be right there with pre-planned automated personalized messages, ready  to connect one-on-one with any potential customer at the perfect time. Or counteract your competitor’s TV commercial by going digital. Set up digital ads with special offers and coupons to run across your prospects’ range of devices at the same time your competitor’s commercial airs to get all eyes on you and to maximize your brand presence. 3. Boost Your Brand With Cross-Device Targeting Reach your audience across all their devices – phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, even gaming consoles and connected TV – with unified and personalized pharmaceutical advertising that appears in the right place, at the right time and at the right frequency. Cross-device targeting can help you analyze and map the ideal customer journey: spot patterns, learn which ads perform well (and on what devices and browsing environments) and get credit for all the conversions you drive. Cross-device targeting helps marketers see the big picture and know just how they’re doing. “With cross-device technology, marketers no longer miss a specific target audience or their activities on particular marketing channels,” our president Jay Friedman said. “The cross-device methodology allows marketers to cover all their targeting bases, while attributing both behavioral impressions and conversions.” 4. Elevate Your Search Ads With Click-to-Call Extensions Want to easily connect with prospective customers and save them time and effort? Include your clickable phone number in your text ads so anxious people eager to learn more can quickly and easily contact you. Doing this will help make your text ads stand out in search results, increase click-through rates and generate more leads and sales quickly. 5. Find Your Ideal Customers With HIPAA-Compliant Audience Targeting Due to HIPAA and patient privacy concerns, targeting prospects and their caregivers is tricky: You have to target generally, not based on specific ailments or conditions. But smart audience targeting tactics can still help you segment your audience and reach everyone with relevant messages to great result. Use behavioral targeting to reach people based on their past web behavior: what sites they’ve frequented, what pages they’ve viewed, what purchases they’ve made, and so on. Or try real-time category contextual targeting and keyword contextual targeting so your pharmaceutical advertising appears when prospects are searching for topics and keywords that match up with what you offer. This no-waste targeting can save you time and money and increase your campaign ROI since you are only talking to interested people. Lastly, use search retargeting to build brand awareness and engagement. If your prospects searched the web for keywords related to what you offer over the past few days but haven’t visited your site, you can use search retargeting to advertise to them days later across the web in hopes of gaining their attention and winning their business. Staying up on the latest pharmaceutical best practices, tools and trends can be daunting. But connect with us, and we can help you keep on top of it all. We have the digital expertise, industry knowledge and pharmaceutical digital strategies you need to get on the fast track, accelerate results and keep that momentum going to stay well ahead of the competition.