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Our Expertise Speaks for Itself

Unmatched Retail Media Management
We manage 200+ brands across retail media networks.
Proficient Buying Across 20+ RMNs
We know how and where to reach your shoppers.
Dual Perspective for a Winning Result
Partnering with both brands and retailers gives us a unique advantage.
Seasoned Architect and Enhancer of 7+ Retail Media Networks
Adept at navigating various maturity levels to facilitate their evolution and expansion.

Commerce Media Impact

G-Comm stands at the forefront of modern media. Whether you're a brand looking to maximize ROI or a retailer aiming to evolve your commerce offerings, we’re here to get you the tools and strategies to win with shoppers.

Today, retailers and brands share a common goal: the desire to leverage customer intelligence to increase relevancy, sell more, gain customer loyalty and enable new product exploration. With smart commerce media, it’s not only possible, it's happening, and here’s how we're helping.

Deep retail media expertise

Get access to the team of data scientists, practitioners and strategists bringing unparalleled industry knowledge to the table.

Track record of success

Gain a competitive edge with our tailored strategies proven to drive measurable performance improvements and revenue growth.

An omnichannel approach to scale

Harness digital channels via both programmatic and direct buying and magnify your efforts with secure strategic partnerships. Leverage innovative creative services such as dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and media and messaging orchestration to captivate and compel audiences.
“Goodway Group's thought leadership and media buying expertise have exceeded our expectations. When you pick a partner, you lean into the knowns, what you identify as the deliverables, the levels of service needed, and the duration of an agreement. It's the unknowns where your relationship gets tested. This is where Goodway shined as a great partner because of how they approached everything with a solutions-oriented mindset. As we've embarked on this journey together, Goodway continues to remind me what a GOOD partner looks like.”

Charlene charles

Head of DG Media Network Operations

ready to reimagine commerce media?


Boosting ROAS With Real-Time Insights

CPG brands unlock maximum results with cutting-edge analytics. One advertiser following DGMN’s media and buying strategy was able to review ongoing data and optimize mid-campaign, resulting in better performance.





The G-Comm Advantage

With new entries into the retail media network (RMN) game daily, are you curious about what really sets us apart? See below for what you can only get here.

Extended Team for Multiplied Impact

We assemble the perfect blend of industry strategists, hands-on practitioners and data scientists to truly act as an ideal extension of your existing team. At G-Comm (and across Goodway Group's client list), no two engagements are identical. That's what makes it fun.

Top Partners for Top Performance

We hold preferred partner status with today’s industry-leading platforms such as The Trade Desk and Skai, and we continually seek out tomorrow's for the latest innovations and best practices. Whether optimizing campaigns, refining audiences or proving ROI and attribution, our partnerships enable us to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.

Freedom To Put You First

Unlike holding companies that answer to shareholders, we answer only to you, each other and our community. We fiercely uphold our independence by adopting a platform-neutral approach. This grants you, and us, the flexibility to select solutions that align perfectly with your brand's goals, ensuring optimal performance and ROI.

Human-Empowered Tech Across the Commerce Ecosystem

At our core, we're looking to make a bigger impact. As such, we layer on in-house-built solutions including our proprietary suite of algorithms, known as RealValue, for top-notch performance and ROI. We integrate clean rooms for identity resolution and proven attribution and integrate data collaboration.

The Story of G-Comm,
Goodway’s Commerce Division

At G-Comm, we're reshaping the landscape of retail media, focusing on simplicity, effectiveness, and genuine connections. Our journey starts with a fundamental belief: Evolve or die. Born from Goodway Group's rich heritage of transformation and innovation, G-Comm, derived from Goodway Commerce, stands ready to redefine how consumers engage and transact in the newest realm of the digital era.

G-Comm operates on the principle that success in retail media is built on collaboration and mutual growth. We're committed to empowering both retailers and brands to thrive in this interconnected ecosystem with a focus on producing the best customer experience.

After helping leading retailers and aspiring brands, we know there's no easy button. That's why we're dedicated to learning your business first so we can build winning strategies -- where others have fallen short. Whether it's building robust retail media networks, re-engineering existing programs, optimizing brand results or driving actionability through data collaboration, our focus remains on the outcomes that lead to accelerated results.

We're a perfect blend of agency partner with deep retail industry and ad tech domain prowess mixed in. Goodway Group's commerce media roots were developed with a builder mentality, a fail-fast approach and a relentless focus on delivering results. From identity resolution to ROI measurement to navigating the complexity of programmatic advertising, we've developed best practices for solving known challenges, the complexities in play, and the challenges yet to come in commerce media.

Our mission is clear: to make the future of retail media accessible and rewarding for retailers and brands of all sizes. So, if you're ready to seize the boundless opportunities ahead, come join us, G-Comm, your partner in retail media acceleration.

G-Comm Leaders

Angela Myers
Senior Vice President of Retail Media

"Retail media is at a pivotal moment right now. With integrated approaches to data, technology, process and execution, we can pioneer the future of retail media."

Alichia Sawitoski
Vice President, Growth Marketing

"We have solutions for retail media networks and help brands and retailers maximize their retail media strategies."

Aashish Rangwalla
Vice President of Retail Media

"Client success starts by bringing insights that lead to  action and driving revenue growth.  I have a passion for developing scalable processes, nurturing talent, and building strong partnerships."

steven regan
Senior Director, RMN

"At the heart of retail media growth is supplier success.  We specialize in full-service retail media solutions to drive those case studies, resulting in long-term, sustainable growth."

Media Director

"We're an arm of our client's team. Our retail and commerce strategies are all about making their teams and campaigns work better and bringing in more revenue. Everything we do is carefully set up to help us all succeed."

Your Retail Media Acceleration Starts Now ...

We’d love to discuss your biggest RMN challenges or dreams. It’s what keeps us building for the next evolution of retail media.