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We don’t have mission statements; purpose and vision are our driving factors. We aim to connect human beings through their shared love of brands while fostering connections and growing loyalty. But, most importantly, we know impact must be quantified.

With Goodway Group, “move marketing to the top of the boardroom agenda” by delivering insightful, actionable data and incremental growth to your stakeholders. Become the growth engine for your company with us.


At Goodway Group, our journey began as a direct response company with a bold vision of revolutionizing the marketing landscape. From the outset, we embraced change and challenge, driven by a relentless pursuit to deliver results with integrity and unwavering commitment.

As we've grown, so too has our expertise, which has expanded to meet our clients' ever-evolving needs. Today, our capabilities and services reflect this journey — they're a testament to our daily motto of "making clients heroes." To turn this vision into reality, we're Outcome Engineers™ dedicated to designing your success through our philosophy of driving real business outcomes.

Discover how our offerings can shape the future of marketing together for a bigger business impact. This is our story. This is Goodway Group.

performance-led strategy and planning

Our expert strategists leverage proprietary tools to identify business insights, target audiences and optimize channel mix.

marketing sciences and analytics

We integrate advanced analytics throughout each process phase, utilizing proprietary tools like GOES™ for comprehensive insights and planning.

cross-channel media planning

Our specialists meticulously plan campaigns across digital and traditional channels, ensuring precision and effectiveness.

Results-Based Media Investment and Activation

Every dollar is viewed as an investment to drive business results, with a focus on maximizing efficiency and yield.

tech and data science

Our team empowers sophisticated marketers with cutting-edge technology and data science solutions, including retail media network (RMN) architecture for major retailers.

The navigators

meet Our team

While independent, we’ve rounded out the Goodway Group leadership team with the best executives  from larger firms; their knowledge and expertise steer us toward excellence and innovation.

david wolk headshot
david wolk
executive chairman

"Our goal at Goodway Group is to help brands and agencies move marketing to the top of the boardroom agenda."

jay friedman headshot
jay friedman

“We help human beings express themselves through their shared love of brands.”

kandi gongora headshot
kandi gongora
chief transformation & people officer

"People are our greatest investment. We build and empower our talent for mutual prosperity."

stephani estes headshot
stephani estes
chief media officer

"To achieve tangible outcomes, the industry must shift its mindset from focusing on media to focusing on marketing."

mark meade headshot
marK meade
Chief Financial officer

"We focus on driving revenue growth for our clients by focusing on their business outcomes and goals."

john merryman headshot
john merryman
chief technology officer

"At the root of all our technological insights and advancements, we uncover our clients' biggest goals and chart out how to achieve them."

marc ducnuigeen headshot
marc ducnuigeen
chief client officer

"Growth can't occur in a vacuum. We harness growth internally and externally to drive real results for our clients."

paul frampton headshot
paul frampton
president, cve

"We're on a mission to prove and show how marketing can be a primary engine for growth."

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give back

Goodway cares

With a longstanding passion for enriching the communities in which we work, live and play, the Goodway Cares program, our 501(c)(3) charity, was born. We work with budding nonprofits and select startups to help them strengthen their impact and achieve their goals. It’s a small way we give back to our communities.

milestones that made us

We’ve lived through constant transformation, making us better suited than anyone else to lead you through your next evolution.

the formative years

1929: Founded as a printing business by Milton Wolk, Goodway Printing Company was born — setting the foundation of Goodway Group’s 95+-year history as an independently-owned and operated fourth-generation business.

1950s: Beryl and Donald Wolk returned from serving in the Navy to build out the family commercial printing business.

1970s: We became a publisher launching new magazines. Goodway Group shifted from commercial printing to marketing-driven print promotions and total communications solutions.

1979: David Wolk joined the business to build out Goodway Group’s marketing practice.

1985: We became famous within the Tier 2 and Tier 3 auto industry and worked with most automotive companies and other major brands offering co-op advertising to their retailers.

1985: Became a data- and direct-mail-driven company targeting consumers on a household basis.

1985: Developed solutions to scale print promotions on a store-by-store or market-by-market basis (e.g., customizing messaging, target markets and consumer calls to action).


Late ’90s – Early 2000s: Started to transform and incorporate online media within our product offering. Used print programs to generate traffic to client landing pages (Print-to-web). Combined online and offline results for clients, doubling the response rates. Developed the Hyper CD, which connected to consumer browsers so we could measure their interaction in real time.

2006: Fully transformed into one of the country's most cutting-edge digital media companies and became remote workforce pioneers.

2010: Key partner to independent U.S. agencies, offering resources and expertise to easily scale and customize digital media programs for different markets for over a decade.

2014: Created proprietary tech platform – RealValue® and G90™ to leverage machine learning and workflow automation (part of Goodway’s award-winning tech stack recognized as the 2021 AdExchanger Award for Best Use of Tech by an Agency).


2019: CvE launched as an international proposition with a focus on both activation and consultancy.

2021: Passport One® launched, a privacy-forward database to reach customers, enhance existing first-party data and create new opportunities for closed-loop measurement.

2021: Mike Wolk, a 4th-generation family member, joined Goodway Group from The Trade Desk to help build out our digital marketing practice.

2022: First acquisition with Tuff, a growth agency, which strengthens Goodway's professional marketing services for startups and fortifies its capabilities in SEO, CRO and performance creative. Goodway became the first certified service partner for The Trade Desk.

2022: Canton acquired and merged with CvE to strengthen its MarTech and data-engineering offerings.

2022: Goodway launched a retail media practice with Dollar General Media Network (and Ulta in 2023).

2023: Jay Friedman became CEO, David Wolk became Executive Chairman.

2024:  Evolution continues with the introduction of Outcome EngineeringTM .

Check back soon! More to come.

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