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Pro Sports Team Amplifies Audience Reach

Through a winning combo of industry partnerships, new beta tests and outside-the-box thinking, they experienced fan growth and increased merch sales.
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Navigate beyond the debate on ad waste and fraud with a guide to programmatic excellence — reclaim up to 30% of your ad spend.
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Harnessing and Guiding the Power of AI

Get the top three areas where brands can use AI to elevate their marketing strategy: identify audience solutions, maintain personalized messaging at scale and prepare for the current and future state of attribution.
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Boosting ROAS With Real-Time Insights

Dollar General, with its next evolution of retail media network, and Goodway Group help CPG brands unlock maximum results with new analytics.
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A Guide To Measuring Marketing's Impact

Want to get the attention of the C-Suite? Learn how to transition to the right metrics that will showcase marketing's contribution to revenue.
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Gain New Insights To Reach Your Membership Potential

Using Meta's Advanced Analytic tool, Goodway Group helps a national fitness center gain 89% confidence in its marketing impact.

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55 minutes
Become Irresistible: Strategies to Win and Keep Clients

Today’s agencies are being challenged to do more with less while brands are reducing budgets and moving towards vendor consolidation. How can you successfully acquire, retain and expand services with your clients in a challenging marketing ecosystem? In this webinar roundtable with seasoned agency experts, learn practical, battle-tested tips and strategies you can use.

55 minutes
The Programmatic Profit Hack: Outsmart Ad Fraud, Outsmart the Competition

Ad fraud poses a massive threat to your profitability and ROI. But what if you could hack the system, outsmart fraudsters and gain an unfair advantage over the competition? In this webinar, discover how to make programmatic a valuable part of your media mix. Get game-changing tactics to eliminate wasteful fraud and claim programmatic excellence as a sustainable, scalable capability within your organization. Uncover new strategies to identify and stop fraud in its tracks.

55 minutes
Leveraging B2B Social Marketing for Growth: Key Strategies and Insights

Watch this roundtable with social media experts and LinkedIn to learn how to build a strong B2B social media presence, get content mastery tips for B2B social media marketing and more.

55 minutes
How To Future-Proof Your Agency for Long-Term Growth: An Agency Roundtable

In this panel, learn practical tips and strategies you can use to future-proof your company, get an edge over larger agencies and strengthen your client relationships for long-term growth.

55 minutes
Advance Your Multichannel Strategy With Retail Media Networks

Watch Goodway Group CEO Jay Friedman and retail media industry experts in this engaging, conversational webinar where they unveil the undeniable value of retail media networks in today’s multi-channel digital media landscape.