Goodway Group Introduces New Brands

May 6, 2024

Goodway Group is excited to introduce our expanded family of brands, with GRADIANT, G-Comm and Goodway joining the fold. Our comprehensive brand portfolio reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge marketing solutions that drive real business outcomes for our clients for transformative growth. As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our services, we’re expanding our horizons to serve your needs better and propel your success in today's ever-evolving digital landscape.

Goodway Group: The Boldly Independent Marketing Engine

Goodway Group is a leading independent digital marketing agency renowned for its unique philosophy, Outcome Engineering™. This proprietary approach seamlessly connects strategy, analytics and execution, enabling measurable growth for our clients across various industries.

Our expansion into new divisions underscores our dedication to meeting the ever-evolving needs of the marketing landscape. We empower modern marketers to connect with consumers through impactful brand expression while delivering tangible business results.

Goodway Group's Full Brand Portfolio

The first thing to know is Goodway Group's suite of brands is intentionally designed to deliver a seamless experience for our valued clients. When you partner with us, our marketing engine, powered by our family of brands, effortlessly integrates services like MarTech consultancy, performance creative, and in-depth consumer insights. This means you can expect a smooth and efficient process that addresses all your marketing needs with plug-and-play ease.  

Here's a glimpse at all our divisions, their capabilities and the industries they serve.

Goodway: The Advanced Media Strategists

Goodway (sans “Group”) is our specialized managed-service media and analytics practice, providing data-driven strategies and a comprehensive suite of services to help brands and agencies grow.  

This includes reseller services for demand-side platforms and retail media networks (RMNs) like The Trade Desk and other leading DSPs, enabling businesses to leverage programmatic advertising to propel their growth.

Goodway partners with marketing agencies, automotive brands, franchises, multi-location companies and more, delivering precision advertising powered by cutting-edge measurement.

GRADIANT: The Next-Generation Funnel Optimizers

GRADIANT is our modern funnel marketing agency, bridging the gap between brand and demand to drive unparalleled results. Connect all your marketing efforts into one cohesive growth engine – precisely timed and optimized to propel awareness, engagement, conversions and loyalty. Our team of Outcome Engineers™ tools and strategies elevate marketing to new heights, illuminating the path to better outcomes.

GRADIANT signifies more than just a new division; it epitomizes the next generation of media investment to enhance your brand's visibility and success across every stage of the marketing funnel. This ensures perfect alignment of our strategies with your overarching business goals.  

GRADIANT sets a new standard in the next generation of media investment by leveraging its massive identity graph and proprietary measurement to measure brand and performance holistically. It delivers modern-funnel solutions to companies across B2B and B2C industries, including commerce, B2B and healthcare.

G-Comm: The Retail Media Accelerators

G-Comm is our retail media accelerator, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within the retail landscape. We help retailers build or upgrade retail media networks (RMNs) and assist brands in maximizing engagement with commerce media including RMN platforms.

G-Comm works with leading retailers and has deep expertise with mass retailers, beauty, grocery and big-box stores. We work with over 200 CPG brands, planning and executing their retail media investments on RMNs, inclusive of those we operate.

Tuff: The Performance Marketers

Tuff is our performance marketing agency, accelerating growth through strategic planning, creative campaign activation, continual performance measurement and meticulous optimization.

A growth marketing partner for startups, scaleups and brands across all industries, Tuff helps you run digital marketing campaigns and growth experiments to find big wins and identify the right marketing channels to grow the fastest and scale.  

CvE: The CMO’s Secret Weapons

CvE is our marketing advisory firm, transforming marketing into a growth engine for brands with actionable insights and hands-on guidance.

CvE acts as a co-pilot for brands seeking to transform their marketing into a powerful engine for growth. CvE provides strategic counsel and hands-on guidance to CMOs and senior marketers at large multinational brands and scaleups, focusing on actionable insights and practical steps for achieving growth. Unlike traditional consultants or big agencies, CvE specializes in bridging the gap between high-level strategy and tangible execution, ensuring your marketing transformation crosses the finish line.

Unlocking Growth Potential for Brands and Agencies

Welcome to the new era of Goodway Group.  

  • Goodway Group: The boldly independent marketing engine
  • Goodway: The advanced media strategists
  • GRADIANT: The next-generation funnel optimizers
  • G-Comm: The retail media accelerators
  • Tuff: The performance marketers
  • CvE: The CMO’s secret weapons

"The launch of our pioneering new divisions represents a tectonic shift in Goodway Group's prowess to provide revolutionary, full-funnel marketing capabilities that unlock groundbreaking growth," said Goodway Group’s CEO Jay Friedman. "With GRADIANT, G-Comm and Goodway now under our umbrella, we're redefining the marketing landscape as disruptive leaders propelling the industry's most ambitious reinvention yet.”

The future of marketing is being rewritten every day. With Goodway Group, you have the opportunity to lead the charge. With our unparalleled expertise and your vision, there's no limit to what we can achieve. Together, let’s turn challenges into opportunities and aspirations into achievements. The time to act is now – partner with Goodway Group across any of our disciplines and let's shape the future of marketing together. Your next big breakthrough is just a collaboration away.

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