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Boosting ROAS With Real-Time Insights

CPG brands unlocked maximum results with cutting-edge analytics.


key outcomes

One advertiser following DGMN’s media and buying strategy was able to review ongoing data and optimize mid-campaign, resulting in better performance.






When Dollar General planned the next evolution of its retail media network, DGMN, the team needed to unlock more valuable insights and reporting for DGMN advertisers. Traditionally, retail media networks suffer reporting delays, lack of transparency, and a lack of collaboration with their media partners. For its retail media network, Dollar General needed a partner that would be thoughtful about discovery, validation, execution and innovation to deliver on big asks. Dollar General quickly recognized how G-Comm aims to bring media and strategic expertise, without the superiority complex.


G-Comm joined Dollar General's other strategic partners to provide expertise in digital media strategy, planning and buying, and measurement. G-Comm brought its ability to strategically connect data-driven insights to advertisers with transparency and closed-loop measurement, creating a highly effective partnership. The speed at which G-Comm innovates could create better results for advertisers from the near-real-time data through the DGMN technology.


Through its partnership with G-Comm, DGMN advertisers can make near-real-time optimizations for campaigns to improve ROAS. Advertisers optimizing toward top-performing audiences or using the dashboard provide insight, which allows G-Comm to create new audiences to include or test for campaigns. G-Comm also uses the dashboard to help determine planning for repeat or similar campaigns.

“G-Comm’s thought leadership and media buying expertise have exceeded our expectations. When you pick a partner, you lean into the knowns, what you identify as the deliverables, the levels of service needed, and the duration of an agreement. It's the unknowns where your relationship gets tested. This is where G-Comm shined as a great partner because of how they approached everything with a solutions-oriented mindset. As we've embarked on this journey together, G-Comm continues to remind me what a GOOD partner looks like.”

Charlene Charles

Head of DG Media Network Operations

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