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Crushing Paid Social KPIs With Groundbreaking 122% ROAS Surge


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Susan G. Komen and GRADIANT’s innovative social media campaign represented the first steps in a multipronged effort to simultaneously move the needle on current fundraising goals while also strategically planting seeds to inspire and convert a younger cohort over time.


Increase in Return on Ad Spending (ROAS)*


Increase in Donation Revenue


New TikTok Followers*

*Paid social campaign KPIs


Susan G. Komen's core donors are aging, so the nonprofit recognized the need to captivate younger supporters by aligning with their values like social justice and health equity. Komen set an ambitious dual objective: to maintain momentum with existing individual donors while proactively attracting a broader, younger audience to join its mission — all without additional budget. The challenge was thoughtfully balancing sustained support from loyal advocates with nurturing the next generation of supporters.


Susan G. Komen and GRADIANT launched a new "Needs" evergreen social media creative campaign, focusing on why Komen needs donors and how they help the fight against breast cancer. This campaign messaging differed from Komen's previous emotional appeals. Leveraging a multiplatform approach, they strategically targeted existing and new donors across Meta's Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Concurrently, the team focused on reaching a younger demographic through emerging platforms like TikTok and Twitch. This comprehensive social media mix was designed to drive optimal performance, amplify reach and cultivate a younger donor base. On Meta, conversion-focused ads resonated with existing CRM donors, which lifted key metrics. Meanwhile, the diverse TikTok and Twitch approach successfully generated brand awareness and website traffic among younger age groups, laying the groundwork for future conversion efforts.


Susan G. Komen and GRADIANT’s innovative social media campaign delivered remarkable results, including a 122% increase in return on ad spend and an 18% surge in overall donation revenue across Meta platforms. Beyond Meta, the multiplatform strategy reaped dividends in broader reach and engagement among the coveted younger demographic, generating 28.6 million impressions, 23 million video views, a 25% increase in website visitors aged 18-34, and over 6,000 new TikTok followers.

“GRADIANT’s social expertise empowered Komen to thoughtfully design and effectively execute a comprehensive, data-driven social plan that addressed all our individual giving efforts across all stages of the entire donor journey. From launching our impactful ‘Needs’ campaign and efficiently converting existing and lapsed donors to pioneering outreach to Gen Z and younger millennials on TikTok and Twitch to maintaining meaningful dialogue with historically marginalized communities, GRADIANT was instrumental in driving this multiphase, extremely successful paid social plan.”

Jay Key

Digital Engagement & Analytics, Susan G. Komen®

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