Case Study

The Funnel Effect: A Swifter Path to Profit for Fleet Feet


Key Outcomes

Fleet Feet balanced online reach with an in-store appeal, maximized ROAS and enticed new partners by savvily shifting its efforts to being full-funnel, driving both brand awareness and sales.

80% ROAS

over the goal of $5, with a ROAS achieved of $9


audiences reached


better ROAS than the industry benchmark


Fleet Feet, a running shoe and apparel retailer with over 20 co-op brands, encountered the delicate challenge of growing its brand while generating sales for partners like Garmin, New Balance and Asics. This is compounded by the need to reconcile the traditional co-op focus on offline channels with the shifting dynamics towards online — where 65% of advertising spend is now directed. It called for a strategic blend of enhancing brand visibility, boosting both online and in-store sales, and securing ROAS.


We uncovered optimal channels to drive broad brand awareness within their category, essentially filling the top of the funnel. We developed lower-funnel campaigns at scale, each customized to showcase the distinct value of co-op partners, highlighting their brand and products at key moments. These campaigns combined the reach of online platforms with the traditional appeal of retail. Our campaign processes were streamlined to execute a cohesive strategy that married brand awareness and sales. When purchase signals were high, we used social to drive qualified traffic toward online or in-store purchases, optimizing campaigns for co-op partner ROAS goals.


The existing co-op partners significantly increased their advertising investments, showcasing their confidence in this forward-thinking media strategy that bridges the online-offline gap.

Even better, the approach attracted additional co-op partners, increasing the program. They were enticed by the ability to grow sales across both digital fronts and physical stores in the evolving marketing landscape.  

"GRADIANT's full-funnel strategy truly aligned both brand awareness and demand generation to turbocharge our results —and get us a better ROAS than the industry standard.”

Tiffany Lee

Senior Director, Performance Marketing & Partnerships, Fleet Feet

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