Case Study

Serenity Kids Grows Revenue by 251% on Instacart


key outcomes

Serenity Kids’ Instacart advertising campaigns were strong performers. The baby food brand brought in an impressive ROAS consistently three times higher than the industry average and attracted new customers who fit its target market: health-conscious parents.

What’s more, collaborating with GRADIANT, Serenity Kids grew its revenue YoY, with sponsored product campaigns and display campaigns from new-to-brand customers in the Instacart RMN, driving 20% and 25%.


revenue increase in one quarter


ROAS increase in one quarter during a competitive holiday season


on list of the 75 fastest-growing emerging brands on Instacart


With an overwhelming number of ways to support shopper marketing, Serenity Kids was looking for a creative partner with proven results and fresh ideas that could help reach new audiences and bring in new customers. The company turned to GRADIANT for guidance on how to expand its retail media strategies on Instacart and other RMNs to grow revenue while optimizing spend. With Goodway’s expert advertising insights, Serenity Kids hoped to see true tangible outcomes that would take its business to new heights.


Tapping into our RMN expertise, GRADIANT worked together with Serenity Kids as an extension of its team. Based on the baby food brand’s performance, we recommended that Serenity Kids invest more in Instacart to fund display ads and increase its share of voice for sponsored products. Working alongside Instacart, Goodway and Serenity Kids tested new campaign types and betas including brand pages and shoppable display ads to discover what worked best to move the needle.


Optimizing the budgets by demand and introducing new campaign types in Instacart proved successful. Since Goodway built trust between all the parties involved, the baby food company was granted early access to new betas, campaigns and placement offers that helped them scale their business and hit their company goals. Serenity Kids increased their sales revenue, experienced record-breaking MoM sales, grew their category share with conquesting keywords, improved their ROAS with Instacart, and became a top-selling brand on this RMN.

"GRADIANT is truly a partner in every sense of the word. Our expanded advertising approach on Instacart helped us achieve phenomenal growth and winning results – within only one quarter. And our account manager, Sam Thompson, helped us every step of the way."

jennie shen

Director of Brand Marketing, Serenity Kids

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