5 Creative Banner Ads We Love

Every digital marketer knows that your creative can make or break your campaign. We’ve already shared tips on the creative best practices  to follow, but what about some real-world examples of great creative banner ads? We’ve rounded up a few of our recent favorite banner creatives to inspire you.

Company: Airbnb

Why it Works: This ad is clean and simple with an interesting image and one sentence of contrasting text. The call-to-action button is in a bright, eye-catching color and subtly asks people to “learn more” rather than a more direct “book now.” It’s a perfect message for brand awareness. Also, the Airbnb logo is noticeable in the corner but doesn’t dominate the creative.

Company: Visit Pensacola

Why it Works: The image here is everything – a young couple hand-in-hand in the ocean with a sunny blue sky behind them. There’s no better way to sell a vacation destination. The logo is the website and main message of the ad, which is a clever way to save space. The only other element is the call to action on a brightly colored button, telling folks to book a getaway. It all adds up to a simple, effective ad.

Company: Benefit

Why it Works: The background is bold and pops against a white background, but it’s not offensively bold.  The main image of the woman is compelling and enhanced by the “magical” starbursts. The text is minimal but conveys a strong brand message with credibility (since 1976) and benefits (your brows will be magically transformed). The call to action is crisp and contrasts with the image to encourage users to book now. Finally, the logo is prominent at the top, letting users identify the brand immediately. Benefit creative banner ad

Company: Tableau

Why it Works: This ad is darker than our other examples, but the simple geometric design is pleasing to the eye. It’s a great design choice for a company that doesn’t lend itself well to small-format visuals, as Tableau focuses on data and reporting software. The text offers a clear benefit – top ten business intelligence trends for 2017 and encourages users to click. The logo is noticeable, so users know who is behind the report, yet it’s subtle, putting the focus on the trends. Tableau creative banner ad

Company: Samsung

Why it Works: Similar to the other ads we’ve featured, Samsung’s creative leads with a bold image and features minimal text. You can just imagine someone taking this photo to put it on Instagram or Snapchat. The company name and product name are mentioned, but not too prominently to distract from the main image. The rest of the text is sparse, getting across the idea of using your phone to take a picture and emphasizing the quality of the screen. Finally, Samsung chose an interesting call to action – instead of using text, they just feature a button that looks like a “next” or “more” button that you’d see to scroll through a web page, indicating that you’ll learn more by clicking. Samsung creative banner ad

If you’re ready to develop your own compelling creatives, access our Creative Best Practices Guide first to get all the tips you need to succeed.

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