The Goodway Life: Camaraderie Over Cubicles

What’s it really like to work at Goodway Group?

Q&A with William Folston

William Folston

Digital nomad William Folston explains how it’s not physical proximity but close-knit friendships with his coworkers that inspire him to give his all.

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Whether it’s advertising or marketing, local or national, traditional or digital … I’ve probably dabbled in it. For me, it’s all about new experiences and true camaraderie.

When Friends and family ask what you do all day, how do you explain it?

I tell my friends that I work with advertisers and agencies to provide straightforward answers to their complex digital questions. Simply put, I’m a problem solver.

How has Goodway Group helped you grow?

My initial role was solely ad operations-focused but that expanded to involve client communication as I transitioned to a principal campaign operations manager this year. In each of these roles, I turned to mentors at Goodway Group who provided me not only with an opportunity but also the tools and advice to be successful. They fueled my passion for digital media and industry discovery. Beyond growing professionally, being surrounded by so many talented and knowledgeable individuals enabled me to develop many close relationships and really connect with our family culture.

What do you wish people knew about goodway group?

With coworkers from all over the country, everyone brings a different perspective to the table that helps our team grow its knowledge base. This also sparked an adventurous spirit in me! I’ve begun “living on the road” as a digital nomad since working with Goodway, and I have so many coworkers to thank for opening my eyes to this unique lifestyle!

What has surprised you most about remote work?

Working virtually is different than I ever imagined. Although we are spread out across the country, we feel so connected, and many coworkers genuinely feel like close friends. I’ve been most surprised  at the close-knit relationships that develop amongst people who work physically so far apart and how we all seem inspired to give our best efforts for each other. Our all-company trips feel more like a reunion than a work conference, and there is a legitimate excitement leading up to each one.

If we stopped by your house next Saturday, what would we find you doing?

I enjoy being outdoors, so I’d most likely be preparing to go do something active, like hiking, biking, boxing or anything that gets me moving and sweaty. But in the fall, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find me watching a football game, touring the local brewery scene or checking out some downtown street art.

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