The Goodway Life: Mastering the Science and Art of Digital Media

Christine Yang Goodway HeadshotWhat’s it really like to work at Goodway Group?

Q&A with Christine Yang

Christine Yang, our Atlanta-based learning and development program manager, shares how her transition from traditional media planner to digital media trader to L&D has helped her master both the science and the art of digital advertising.

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There is nothing greater than helping people do awesome things. So, it’s no surprise that I’m in L&D for a company committed to helping advertisers achieve amazing things.

There are lots of ad tech companies to work for, so why Goodway Group?

I knew in my first interview – with our COO Jay Friedman back in the day when he interviewed every person coming in at Goodway Group – that I was onto something. Coming from a traditional media agency where I was the sole resource for all things digital, I was excited to join a team that was stronger and faster in digital media than I thought was possible in the early 2000s. But my real lasting memory of that conversation? When Jay asked me, “Which is more important: speed or process?” I can’t remember what I said; but months later, I heard him share his answer with someone else, “Speed is a factor with which you can adjust process, but they’re not interchangeable. If you can sacrifice process for speed, you don’t have the right process.” It’s been almost 8 years since I heard that response, but the statement is more true than ever.

How has Goodway Group helped you grow?

I’ve been fortunate to have many roles across multiple departments and been able to provide value to Goodway in so many forms over the past seven years. I started out on the media team, progressed into several new roles on that team, and then transitioned to the L&D team within the past year. All of these experiences have helped me reach personal milestones: how to be a good leader, how to be a good follower, how to be a voice for the company, and how to speak publicly in representing myself, my department, and Goodway at large.

If you had to describe what you do as a superpower, what would it be?

It’s not a super power per se, but I consider myself a bit of a mad scientist. L&D requires a lot of strategy, planning and persistence. And yet, it’s also a lot of trial and error with long periods of analysis before trying the next strategy (and hoping you don’t blow up the lab in the meantime). The data, science and storytelling all require a subtle balance of art and science that only a mad scientist with the right support can truly master.

What has surprised you most about remote work and working here?

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder … and I’d say that’s true at Goodway. I have better coworker relationships in this remote environment than any other office environment I’ve ever been in, and I’d be shocked if most others at Goodway didn’t say the same. Everyone is genuine; we don’t stand on much ceremony here. That’s the culture our president Dave and our COO Jay have instilled in the company. We don’t like fluff; we just focus on awesome work and let it stand for itself. I love that about Goodway.

If you’re working from home, how are you not tempted to watch Netflix all day?

To be honest, I’m not even tempted by Netflix. Even though I am at home, it’s still work that requires deep focus so I can’t have a TV on in the background. To help keep the balance, I have my dedicated office space, and when I’m not in that space, I’m not at work anymore. Making that distinction and shutting my laptop down at the end of each day has helped stop me from sneaking back later to do “one more thing.”

If we stopped by your house next Saturday, what would we find you doing?

I’m a media brain at heart — I like math, data, spreadsheets, hypothesizing and problem-solving. Anything that feels like a puzzle is like a call to arms. In fact, in my free time, my friends and I like to run around town and do escape rooms where we’re locked in and usually have 60 minutes to escape by putting clues together to open locks, break keypad codes, etc. It’s the thrill of entering this short period of intense, highly creative output that I enjoy and want to experience over and over. The Goodway Life Series The Goodway Life: Camaraderie Over Cubicles The Goodway Life: Explore the Realities of Remote Work The Goodway Life: Inspiring Self-Discovery in Your Career