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Goodway Group offers a unique blend of agency expertise, cutting-edge solutions, and partner access to help your brand thrive in the digital landscape. Through our strategic partnership with Walmart Connect, we empower your brand to reach new heights.

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The first and leading certified reseller for The Trade Desk and certified to enable self-service access to both The Trade Desk and Walmart Connect. We offer advertisers the unique advantage of combining The Trade Desk's top-tier technology and performance with Walmart's extensive first-party omnichannel data. This enables advertisers to maximize the effectiveness of their media spend.

Additionally, Goodway Group is now a managed-service partner (MSP) for Walmart Connect, providing activation support across all aspects of Walmart media.

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Data source: 2024, Goodway Group client data and NPS.
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Advantages of Partnering with Goodway Group:

  • Access via a trading desk to platforms like Walmart Connect and The Trade Desk.
  • Flexible minimums, making advertising more accessible..
  • Comprehensive training, full onboarding, and ongoing support ensure you're equipped for success.

At Goodway Group, we offer two convenient options to meet your advertising needs:

managed service

Sit back and relax while we handle everything from campaign setup to optimization. Benefit from expert support and hands-off management, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


Take control of your advertising with our flexible self-service option. You manage campaign creation and management, enjoying autonomy and flexibility.

managed service capabilities

win more shoppers

Unlock Walmart Connect with Goodway Group to access a complete Walmart retail partnership, offering advanced audience segmentation, media implementation, and measurement solutions.

advanced media planning

Start by concentrating on business and marketing intelligence, along with defining goals and recognizing obstacles. We help you in aligning your product, messaging, and creative content with consumer behaviors and the effective utilization of data.

data driven insights & reporting

Get time back through efficiency.  Receive timely performance reports for budget management. Get actionable insights and optimization recommendations during and after campaigns

campaign management

Ensure your commerce investment is set-up to perform and reduce waste.  We’ll help  create campaigns, quality assurance, dayparting, and in-flight optimization.

measure what matters

Effectively managing sales lift, return on ad spend (ROAS), and new buyer analysis.

cpg brand performance

CPG Brand Drives Incremental Sales & New Buyers while increasing ROAS

A dairy company aimed to run campaigns for two products and make use of Walmart Connect DSP data and their closed-loop measurement to their advantage.

With assistance from Goodway, the campaigns generated a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 2.62X and 22.39x for each product, respectively.

Data Source: Client campaign data from Walmart Connect DSP,  5/1/23-12/31/23.

Incremental Households Reached


Incremental Sales





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What is the difference between managed service and self-service for advertising with Goodway Group on Walmart Connect?

Managed service: Goodway Group handles all aspects of your advertising, from setup to optimization. You benefit from expert support and hands-off management.

Self-service: You control everything, including campaign creation and management, offering autonomy and flexibility.

What's included with both managed service and self-service options?

Both options provide access via a trading desk to platforms for Walmart Connect and The Trade Desk. You'll enjoy lower minimums compared to going direct, comprehensive training, full onboarding, resources, and ongoing support

“It’s been easy to work with the team and appreciate having one person to manage the account (Ray) partnered with people that have many years experience in the buying department (Sarah). Goodway has been a key step for our brand expanding into DSP with Walmart on a basis we can afford.”

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