4 Amazon Advertising Tips for Ecommerce Marketers

woman walking and online shopping

Ecommerce marketers often face the challenge of choosing between focusing on lower-funnel channels to acquire in-market consumers or spreading awareness to create new prospects and drive interest. With Amazon Advertising, now you can skip the tough decision and do both!

Through our Amazon partnership and our award-winning holistic advertising strategy, ecommerce brands can access the platform’s entire ecosystem to seamlessly promote their message as customers discover, research and purchase online. Not sure where to start?

Read these top four tips to harness the power of Amazon Advertising below or download our current Ecommerce Advertising Playbook to get even more digital advertising insights.

1. Get found with Amazon’s paid search ads.

Amazon knows what shoppers are in the market for. Take advantage to get in front of customers when they are searching for products like yours on Amazon and drive the results that matter most to your business. Amazon’s paid search ads (including sponsored brand ads, sponsored product ads and sponsored display ads) are triggered by shoppers specifically searching for your product or similar ones.

Remember, seven out of ten Amazon customers never click past the first page of search results, and the top three items displayed in the search results account for nearly two-thirds of all clicks according to Search Engine Journal. So promoting your products through Amazon Advertising’s search ads is vital to generating conversions. That’s why we recommend ecommerce advertisers use Amazon’s paid search ads as part of their ever-green plan and ramp up with additional budget during peak holiday seasons to drive sales among the highest-intent users. Increase product visibility with ads directly in shoppers’ search results, and you’ll be on your way to driving more lower-funnel activity.

Why partner with Goodway for your paid search campaign?

With Goodway’s full-service solutions, our experts deliver ongoing innovation and performance at every step of your paid search campaign, from planning to optimizing to reporting. Plus, our Amazon partnership means you get exclusive access to new betas, advanced tools, training programs and more. Don’t just take our word for it: See how we helped our client achieve a Silver Global Search Award for Best Local Campaign Pay Per Click (PPC) at the 2020 inaugural Global Search Awards.

2. Power your programmatic campaigns on and off Amazon’s site with Amazon’s DSP.

Due to the pandemic and the desire to stay together while apart, U.S. consumers now own 25 connected devices per household according to a recent Deloitte study, a number that’s more than doubled since only 2019. Since your customers don’t browse, research and buy in a silo, why would you spend your ad dollars that way? Using Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP), we can buy all your digital inventory including desktop display, mobile, video and over-the-top (OTT) ads programmatically at scale for seamless cross-device coverage on and off Amazon’s site. And you don’t need to sell products on Amazon to use its DSP.

How can Goodway help you get more out of your programmatic campaign?

Our experts can help you take advantage of Amazon’s data across hundreds of retail categories to reach your customers wherever they are shopping. Plus, our partners get best-in-class human intelligence and leading machine learning tech layered on top of the DSP’s algorithms for enhanced performance.

3. Add Amazon’s data-driven audience targeting to your cart.

For most people, online shopping equals Amazon. It’s the world’s largest online retailer with consumers ordering items from Amazon 6.5 times per month on average – more than any other online marketplace – according to Wunderman Thompson research, meaning its millions of shoppers leave behind a valuable trail of information about themselves, creating a treasure trove of data that can enhance targeting precision. So you can leverage a unique combination of your own first-party data and Amazon’s exclusive audience segments to enhance targeting precision based on what users have searched for, viewed, subscribed to or purchased.

Why should you use a partner like Goodway to help you build a smarter data strategy?

Often when brands try to leverage Amazon’s data in-house, they layer on too many niche targeting parameters and end up limiting the campaign’s reach. Our experts know how to create audience segments that not only expand your customer pool but are also precisely targeted. Let us handle your data onboarding, matching and segmentation to expertly craft custom audiences for your brand.

4. Prove your advertising impact with Amazon’s advanced reporting and insights.

Maximize cross-channel measurement and audience insights with all your reporting in one place! Amazon’s sophisticated measurement solutions help you gauge ad performance to know what’s driving results in your campaigns and optimize toward the most effective channels.

Because everything on Amazon is interconnected, marketers can capitalize on this reporting to build a custom holistic approach that leverages the best-performing ad tools. With Amazon, you can experiment with a variety of tactics and optimize toward those that yield the highest return for your brand, but always remember to remain fluid enough that you can quickly adjust if consumer behaviors shift.

How can the right reporting insights impact your bottom line?

Working with Goodway also means your dedicated team constantly analyzes audience overlap and attribution reports to better understand your customers, optimizes your campaigns to where and how they prefer to shop, and identifies new audience pockets for incremental sales lift. You get best-in-class human intelligence and machine learning tech at every step of your campaign, from planning to optimizing to award-winning dashboard reporting.

With today’s shoppers relying on Amazon for groceries, household essentials, apparel and so much more, it’s crucial you ensure consumers in the discovery and consideration phases can find your products wherever they do their research.

Reach out to us to learn more about how you can get started with Amazon Advertising today or talk to us about how we recently ran an Amazon advertising campaign that helped this emerging nutritional product brand quickly gain more customers.