Case Study

Gaining New Customers and Brand Loyalty Through Influencers


key outcomes

A nutrition CPG brand’s Meta beta testing shows strategic influencer collaborations drive brand lift and loyalty.

Influencers double conversion efficiency.


higher incremental lift than a business-as-usual approach


influencer branded content strategy conversion lift probability — indicating high confidence in the results


influencer branded content strategy lower cost per conversion lift compared to a business-as-usual approach


Seeking to increase awareness of its specialized products, our nutrition CPG brand client needed to amplify its presence within the competitive social space. The strategy required was not just to broaden its audience but to capture and engage its specific target demographic effectively. The company aimed to strike a balance between extending its reach to a larger audience while maintaining a focus on attracting potential customers who were more likely to convert and be loyal to the brand.


The comprehensive strategy executed involved a robust influencer partnership and entailed paid social media efforts, which included the strategic use of branded content, dark post ads (sponsored content) and targeted audience segments from influencers. Our nutrition CPG client incorporated TRIBE's services — a platform known for facilitating genuine influencer-brand collaborations — to measure the effectiveness of these influencer campaigns against standard marketing practices.


The campaign saw a significant increase in conversions when employing an influencer branded content strategy compared to the branded approach control group. Specifically, influencer branded content led to incremental conversions doubling and a reduction in cost per conversion by over 50%. These figures underscore the effectiveness of a strategic influencer collaboration in boosting product awareness and driving qualified traffic to the brand's website.

"Influencers have been a cornerstone of our paid social efforts, and our Meta beta testing proves these robust collaborations drive long-term brand lift and favorability beyond what paid media alone can accomplish."

Traci Asbury

Social Investment Lead, Goodway Group

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