Optimizing the Account-Based Purchase Funnel

Goodway Group launches a global brand awareness initiative for industry-leading cybersecurity brand Trellix that uses account-based strategy to deliver a 1,187% conversion rate with decision makers across the funnel.

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    Our client was launching a new brand — Trellix — to break into the highly competitive enterprise cybersecurity space. As a new brand seeking to stand out in a crowded industry against established market leaders such as Microsoft and Cisco, Trellix needed to disrupt a crowded, yet niche market. It needed to establish brand awareness and create a recognizable brand voice first and then create measurable growth that would allow it to pivot into a full demand-generation strategy with an account-based focus.

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    For the brand launch, the team cast a wider net with awareness-focused media channels. The customer journey was intentionally built to create an omnipresence through targeting frequency focused on unique reach backed by media optimizations. Across the target audiences, multiple persona types were developed to deliver relevant content with regional consideration across premium inventory. Measurement played a crucial role by tying together media metrics and business-level objectives for true closed-loop measurement.

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    Within three months, Trellix’s brand launch overachieved unaided brand awareness goals by 33%. The audience segmentation and targeting strategy efficiently delivered users at scale, more than doubling the traffic forecast. Additionally, target audiences exposed to Trellix increased consideration by 268% and programmatic conversion rates by 119% compared to those not exposed to media. Finally, the launch laid a strong benchmark foundation that will be instrumental as awareness objectives morph into more sales-focused ones through the addition of ABM.

  • We worked with Goodway from the very beginning of our brand launch to establish a baseline of brand health and equity metrics. As a new brand seeking to stand out in a crowded industry, Goodway's understanding of the B2B technology landscape and its use of data to deliver results were huge selling points.

    Brett Hannath
    Brett HannathChief Marketing Officer, Trellix


    The effect of running a holistic campaign focusing on top-of-the-funnel awareness with the right customer journey resulted in driving an additional 33% in qualified leads, with significantly improved conversion rates and decreased cost per engagement over other traffic sources.

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