Case Study

Powering TAL Engagement With iABM


Key outcomes

A B2B retailer partnered with GRADIANT and used iABM — a programmatic audience solution through Bombora, Chalice and The Trade Desk which integrates account-based marketing (ABM) strategies, intent data and programmatic advertising — to boost engagement with its target accounts.

Since launching the iABM campaign, here’s what the B2B retailer achieved:


new sign-ups across its target account lists (TALs)


decrease in cost per sign-up


increase in intent for a high-focus category after the campaign launch


A B2B retailer wanted to more effectively advertise its business account program and increase results with its TALs as part of its ABM efforts. Growing brand awareness was crucial in a crowded industry. The retailer leveraged programmatic advertising and intent data, but this information wasn’t fully connected; the company didn’t have a robust ABM platform that could tie all the data together. As a result, this retailer lacked a way to tie media to sign-ups, see how programmatic ads drove TAL engagement, ensure precise delivery, and do programmatic frequency capping at the domain level.


The retailer turned to GRADIANT for help with solving these challenges because of GRADIANT’s expertise in ABM, intent data, media and programmatic excellence. We proposed the retailer run a test with two TALs using iABM, an alternative B2B ABM marketing option for companies who want to guarantee delivery and account penetration across their target account lists and don’t have access to an ABM platform. We hypothesized this test would show how using ABM-driven programmatic advertising to specific target lists could increase account movement, tie media to specific bottom-line results and grow the retailer’s pipeline.


One month into the flight, the iABM display awareness campaign delivered the hypothesized results and then some. The retailer had a more comprehensive view of how programmatic display ads grew account engagement across its specific TALs. iABM enabled more efficient media delivery and gave the retailer access to more impactful target account and performance insights aligned with business outcomes. Additionally, the iABM campaign saw an increase in sign-ups and intent data — as well as a decrease in costs per sign-up — compared to the previous strategy, which was executed outside an ABM solution.

“The iABM solution, powered by Chalice’s AI, intent data from Bombora and the omnichannel advertising reach of The Trade Desk, has shown how integrating ABM strategies, intent data and programmatic ads can impact lower-funnel metrics.”

Kathryn Klos

Director, Strategy & Planning, GRADIANT

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