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Retailers, how healthy is your media network?

Whether you're building or significantly upgrading your retail media network, you're faced with competing priorities. From meeting the personalized expectations of customers driven by rich consumer data to navigating the challenges posed by privacy and identity regulations, the landscape is complex.

Consider this: Nearly 25% of retailers are achieving significant sales through their media networks, amounting to $100+ million annually. This underscores the value RMN holds for both brand advertisers and customers alike. However, with margins slim, hovering at 3-4%, and a staggering 85% of brand advertisers dedicating budgets to retail media, the stakes are high.

Choosing the right partner is paramount — you can't afford to make the wrong choice or stick with one that doesn't meet your needs.

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comprehensive ad agency solutions

Get an experienced media team built to deliver service and results.  Our established best practices from overcoming real-word challenges mean you get no surprises.  Our audience manager, PassportOne™ provides online and offline activation.


Receive fully customized dashboards designed from the ground up, unlock the biggest USP with closed loop measurement and adeptly report on any combination of online or in-store sales to tell the whole story.


Unlock the value of all rich data with a fully validated technology framework. Get a  clearer path to increase sophistication that crystallizes the power of your data for targeting, messaging and reporting — all leading to monetization.

service beyond expectations

Access full training programs to develop your internal teams. Plus, we handle business development, sales and client management as an integral extension of your team.

Real Business Cases

Retailer Media Building and Upgrading

Read our business cases where we’ve helped leading retailers achieve their next evolution with their retail media network to unlock revenue, drive engagement and expand reach.

advertiser growth

national mass-market retailer

Imagine a bustling national retailer with over 10,000 store locations looking to deepen customer connections both in-store and online. We used both offsite and onsite media channels to effectively engage nearly their entire customer base. Within just one year, we orchestrated a remarkable 100% increase in bringing advertisers onto their network, positioning them as a prime choice for brands. They’ve made the list of the popular retail media networks.



Envision a prominent big-box  retailer boasting over 1,000 retail locations and an extensive delivery network actively pursuing innovative strategies to boost their B2B relationships and drive business growth. With an approach including  a strategic offsite presence on prominent platforms such as Meta and YouTube coupled with a savvy programmatic strategy, they witnessed an impressive surge of nearly double in offsite media sales year over year.

expanding reach

health and pharmacy retailer

Step into the realm of a multinational health and pharmacy retailer operating across six countries in Europe and the Asia Pacific region (APAC) determined to establish a robust retail media network to enrich the customer experience. Guided by our comprehensive approach to RMN development and operation, we helped them navigate strategy, pre-planning and tech enablement, seamlessly integrating their solution across thousands of store locations.

Is your retail media network ready for the next evolution?


Boosting ROAS With Real-Time Insights

CPG brands unlock maximum results with cutting-edge analytics. One advertiser following DGMN’s media and buying strategy was able to review ongoing data and optimize mid-campaign, resulting in better performance.





G-Comm Leaders

Angela Myers
Senior Vice President of Retail Media

"Retail media is at a pivotal moment right now. With integrated approaches to data, technology, process and execution, we can pioneer the future of retail media."

Alichia Sawitoski
Vice President, Growth Marketing

"We have solutions for retail media networks and help brands and retailers maximize their retail media strategies."

Aashish Rangwalla
Vice President of Retail Media

"Client success starts by bringing insights that lead to  action and driving revenue growth.  I have a passion for developing scalable processes, nurturing talent, and building strong partnerships."

steven regan
Senior Director, RMN

"At the heart of retail media growth is supplier success.  We specialize in full-service retail media solutions to drive those case studies, resulting in long-term, sustainable growth."

Media Director

"We're an arm of our client's team. Our retail and commerce strategies are all about making their teams and campaigns work better and bringing in more revenue. Everything we do is carefully set up to help us all succeed."

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