Goodway Group Launches The Trade Desk Service Partner Program

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The demand for data-driven advertising is growing, and our new partnership with global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk allows Goodway Group to become its first certified service partner to meet this rising demand.

“Goodway Group and The Trade Desk are helping marketers stay competitive as the media landscape continues to move toward more digital content and new digital channels such as connected TV, mobile and audio,” said Jay Friedman, president, Goodway Group. “Our long-standing partnership with The Trade Desk is based on a shared vision to deliver the tools and resources marketers need to execute their media strategies and stay competitive in today’s media landscape.” 

Goodway Group’s The Trade Desk Service Partner Program

Goodway has a leading programmatic practice with more than 90 world-class traders and deep expertise across platforms, especially The Trade Desk. Our first-to-market program expands self-service access to The Trade Desk’s industry-leading demand-side platform and allows us to extend its premier user experience and capabilities to small and medium-sized businesses.

“With the addition of this partnership, we can now empower our agency and brand partners on the full continuum, from managed service to hybrid to entirely self-service,” said Mike Wolk, who heads up Goodway’s in-housing team. “The Trade Desk is sophisticated, and we have made it our mission to provide our partners with the training and ongoing support to help them get the most out of the platform and drive better business outcomes.”

5 Benefits to Participating in Goodway’s The Trade Desk Partner Program

1. Agility

The one constant in today’s digital ecosystem is change, whether change in personnel as part of the Great Resignation, a shift in clients or new campaigns, channels or budgets being transacted digitally. We made agility central to the program to ensure our partners have the support needed to stay ahead and adapt to the marketplace and new market needs.

Agility includes

– visibility into detailed reporting in real time on each element of your buy.

– pulling a forecast or audience insights report to get estimates or insights back to you quickly (local and national forecasting available).

– launching a new campaign or strategy and being live within a few hours.

– offering available managed service, hybrid or full self-service support to align with your needs.

Wherever our clients are on their programmatic journey, we are determined to provide the flexibility, structure and tools to support our partners with their marketing evolution.

2. Access

Tap into The Trade Desk’s world-leading independent self-service media platform, which offers leading tech, data-driven planning, targeting, measurement and attribution.

Access includes

– the largest independent marketplace for data, inventory, identity, viewability/brand safety and industry-leading measurement that can connect your media to real business outcomes across KPIs and verticals.

– scaling your audiences even in smaller DMAs, tapping into over 12.5MM impression opportunities per second across leading display, video, audio, digital out of home, native and connected TV (CTV) inventory sources.

– a built-in data management platform to onboard first-party data, access an extensive data marketplace and modeling and forecasting across channels at national and local levels.

– self-serve data-driven planning and insights including incremental linear TV reach to connect your digital and linear campaigns.

– comprehensive identity solutions to evaluate audiences holistically across channels including over the top (OTT) and future-proofing your business for a cookieless future.

3. Flexible Minimums

Goodway can align minimums and commercial terms based on client needs, which is particularly helpful with seasonal businesses or those clients who need a ramp-up period.

4. Prominent Ad Placement

Brands and agencies can now get access to the most premium inventory including live NFL games, NBA playoffs or any major live event on the largest screen in the house or via podcasts or popular streaming services – without the additional setup work or large upfront commitments.

5. Expertise, Ongoing Support and Trainings

Goodway is the longest-standing strategic and independent partner of The Trade Desk. Our goal with the program is to take our over 15 years of experience running successful campaigns on The Trade Desk and sharing our expertise, support and tools to empower agencies and brands that now want to build their own in-house programmatic teams.

Mike Wolk also brings his own unique experience and perspective in building successful in-house programmatic teams, starting his career at VivaKi (Publicis’ programmatic trading desk) and spending over the last seven years at The Trade Desk including leading the East Coast independent brand and agency business team.

The Trade Desk and Goodway’s partner program is designed to ensure our expertise and playbook are customized, and each partner is guided by a certified and experienced support team who will provide initial training and ongoing support. The team brings an average of over six years of hands-on experience with The Trade Desk platform and over a decade in digital.

With Goodway’s transparency, onboarding, expertise, agile support and training, you can navigate digital’s ever-shifting environment and opportunities and achieve better performance, reporting and insights to take you to the next stage of your digital transformation.

Learn more about The Trade Desk and Goodway’s partner program today. Let’s talk.