Building Brand Loyalty in a Tough Economy

Budget conscious shopping was on the rise and the annual tent-pole, Back-to-School shopping event was at risk.

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    The year after the pandemic brought historic Back-to School purchases, and as a result apparel and accessories grew by 33% when students returned to in-person learning, Additionally, due to rising prices consumers were predicted to increase comparative shopping, purchase generic brands or rely on coupons, all to save money. A major national retailer needed personalized messaging backed by optimal frequency to capture the smaller growth and maintain loyalty among their existing customer base.

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    The team conducted upfront research to help understand which factors were likely to drive consumer behavior. The campaign was a mix of national and regional targeting. The team targeted by market based on school start dates and aligned budgets within a weekly timeframe to optimize spend and frequency. To secure limited shopper dollars, the team planned for early entry into market. Media efficiencies were created by funneling 50%+ of the budget into the two highest channels.

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    Working with industry leader Kantar, the team was able to execute a robust brand lift study that showed the value of marketing efforts to grow brand favorability and deepen consideration. Throughout the omni-channel campaign, the dynamic and video creatives were resonating differently with the target customers, in a big way. By optimizing to the customer’s preferred channel, ROAS grew from $2-4 to exceed $12+. The client’s budget returned larger dividends from swift adjustments.

  • By tracking the impact various metrics had on performance (namely creative and channel) we were able to gather learnings for future iterations of this client’s Back-To-School marketing campaigns, to achieve a great ROAS year-over-year.

    Jacques Lebel
    Jacques LebelAssociate Media Director, Goodway Group


    Implementing a holistic data strategy can have a substantial impact on measurable business outcomes.

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